X-Bar Pro Blueberry

Déjate tentar por el sabor fragante y único de los arándanos y su nota ligeramente ácida. En un e-cig desechable X-BAR PRO que ofrece una autonomía de 1500 Puffs.



The X-BAR PRO version, more than twice the capacity of the classic X-BAR: impossible to break down! Forget that it’s a “puff”, the pro version will accompany you for several days without flinching. However, this XL version remains very light and compact for increased performance.

Everyone loves a fruity vape, and French Lab’s La X-BAR PRO Myrtille Glacée delivers a sweet burst of blueberry flavor with a hint of freshness. Your vaping experience has never been smoother. A wide range of flavors are offered in the X-BAR PRO disposable range, with fruit, menthol and candy blends.

According to local regulations, the X-BAR PRO is available in 0 mg of nicotine in Europe.
Outside Europe, other nicotine levels are available according to local regulations.
The X-BAR PRO is a variation of its little sister but with more e-liquid (4.5ml) more choice of flavors, more autonomy, more longevity… In short, the PRO version for those looking for an alternative XL to the classic cigarette.
On vacation, in the evenings, or simply for a coffee break, this X-BAR will accompany you everywhere with discretion and elegance.

There is no need to fill it with e-liquid, charge it or change coils or pods. The X-BAR has no buttons to manipulate, just a simple inhalation to vape.

However, this product is prohibited for minors and is only intended for adult smokers.


– Potencia (Ω): Bobina de malla de 1,1 ohmios- Capacity: 16ml
– Battery: 1000 mAh quickly rechargeable thanks to its USB-C port
– 6500 Puffs
– Power (Ω): 1.1 Ohm Mesh Coil