Discover the XBAR CLICK & PUFF

Do you like the X-BAR? You will love its reusable version! Simple, design and economical, the X-BAR CLICK&PUFF has everything to convince you.

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The CLICK & PUFF is reusable and refillable!

This new generation of the X-BAR is composed of two distinct elements: the battery and the e-liquid refill. So you can freely change flavors while keeping the body of the e-cig.

How it works ?

  • Choose the one that suits you from the 19 flavors and 3 nicotine levels available.
  • The CLICK&PUFF “Kits” are sold with a pre-installed cartridge: as simple as a single-use X-BAR, the CLICK&PUFF is ready to use.*
  • Once the puffs are finished, remove the empty cartridge and install a refill instead: Click & puff.

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More economical

Save money with this new system.

  1. For the price of a classic X-BAR 650 you can have 2 CLICK&PUFF refills, i.e. 1300 puffs for the price of 650, the puff quite simply half the price.
  2. You can even reduce this price even further by joining the X-BAR CLUB: A non-binding solution allowing you to receive your refills at home for an advantageous price.

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"CLICK&PUFF" but 100% X-BAR

The CLICK&PUFF retains all the features you love in the classic X-BAR but even better:

  • Aromas: Even more pronounced flavors
  • Design: Anodized aluminum and smoked glass for a sober and elegant design.
  • Reactivity: An ultra-sensitive sensor for immediate triggering
  • Autonomy: 500mAh battery
  • Longevity: 650 puffs (2ml)

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Design & Ergonomics

X-BAR products are designed and designed in France, our teams have put all their know-how into creating an efficient, ergonomic and economical product. No more plastic, the CLICK&PUFF has an anodized aluminum body and a high-gloss smoked glass that allows the light of the battery charging LED to pass through. Thanks to its universal USB-C port, recharging is efficient, fast and simple.

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More ecological

The CLICK&PUFF is the answer to X-BAR users’ request: a reusable and rechargeable e-cig. In addition, the CLICK&PUFF is made of aluminum, a 100% recyclable material and its refills are also made of recyclable PC. The CLICK&PUFF is part of a more responsible approach to allow you to vape with a free spirit.

Remember to drop off your refills at the appropriate collection points

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