Puff Electronic Cigarette: The New Trend For Safer Vaping

Electronic cigarettes are a device that has grown in popularity in recent years. Like the conventional vapes they’re derived from, puff cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. The puff is establishing itself as a revisited, innovative way of vaping. The puff cigarette enjoys a newcomer status as it recently came to market and is already very trendy among young and new vapers.

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Puff Cigarette vs Electronic Cigarette: What’s the Difference?

The major difference between puffs and electronic cigarettes resides in the fact that puff cigarettes are designed to be disposable devices, whereas electronic cigarettes are generally reusable.

The Puff: For Occasional Users

The disposable puff cigarette is designed to be used once and discarded after use. It includes a battery which heats the small quantity of e-liquid in the puff enough to generate vapour. This is a convenient option for smokers looking for an easy-to-use device to take anywhere.

The Electronic Cigarette: A Long-Term Investment

The Electronic Cigarette, on the other hand, is a reusable device designed for long-term use.

It consists of: 

  • A rechargeable battery
  • An e-liquid reservoir
  • A heating element which heats the liquid to create vapour

The Advantages of an Electronic Puff: Convenient and Discrete

Ease of Use

The puff is very easy-to-use because it comes pre-filled with e-liquid and equipped with an integrated battery. So you don’t need to fill a reservoir or replace the coil: you simply remove the cap to start vaping.


Due to its disposable format, the puff does not need to be refilled and does not require the maintenance of an electronic cigarette, making it very practical for users. But the puff is also very light and compact, making it easy to carry and convenient to use on the go.


The electronic puff cigarette is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional cigarettes or refillable vaping devices, so it is a more cost-effective option for some vapers.

The Variety of Flavours

A wide variety of flavours are available for puff cigarettes, including berries, passionfruit, candy, drink flavours, mint, or even desserts. You can easily choose the flavour you like and enjoy a variety of different tastes!

How to Use a Puff Cigarette?

The electronic puff cigarette is made of three main elements:

  • A cartridge filled with e-liquid
  • A battery
  • A heating element

How to Use It

As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the battery is activated and sends an electric current to the heating element. The heating element heats the cartridge filled with e-liquid to create vapour you inhale into your lungs.

A Unique and Personalised Experience

The vaping liquid in the cartridge is made of a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings, and nicotine (in the case of some liquids.) Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are used to create the vapour, whereas the flavours add a dash of deliciousness to the experience.

The X-Bar 650

X-Bar offers you the X-Bar 650 puff cigarette as an exclusive. Try it out and discover the range’s different flavours in a pocket-sized disposable puff cigarette format, whether refreshing or sweet:

  • Ice grape
  • Blueberry
  • Tobacco Extract
  • Ice Mango
  • Energy Drink

The Puff Cigarette’s Environmental Impact

Although the puff cigarette has several advantages, its single-use nature causes significant environmental harm. The disposable cartridges and batteries must be discarded, which can lead to waste accumulation and air pollution. If disposable electronic cigarettes are not recycled but are disposed of instead in household waste, they end up in rubbish tips and incinerators. Thus the harmful chemicals they contain can be released into the air and water.

Concerned about the impact of its products on the environment, X-Bar offers an innovative alternative for all vapers: the refillable puff cigarette.

Click & Puff: The X-Bar Reusable Electronic Puff

The Advantages of an Electronic Cigarette in Puff Format

The Click & Puff is an improved version of the puff, designed in France in response to environmental concerns. Unlike the disposable puff, the Click & Puff is reusable, so you can keep the battery and simply replace the pre-filled cartridge when necessary. The 650 puff cartridges are sold separately for added flexibility and choice: discover over 10 different flavours with Click & Puff pods!

Save Money with Click & Puff

In addition to being more eco-friendly, the Click & Puff is also more economical. For the price of one classic 650-puff X-Bar, you can buy two refills for a total of 1300 puffs. Click & Puff is available in a variety of flavours and offers three different levels of nicotine.

Fast Charging

The battery of the Click & Puff is made from anodised aluminium, a high-quality recyclable material. It uses a USB-C port for fast charging and is equipped with a real-time charging status indicator light.


How Long Does a Disposable Electronic Cigarette Last?

The duration of use of a disposable electronic cigarette depends on several factors: the battery capacity, the e-liquid reservoir size, and the frequency of use. In general, most disposable puff cigarettes last between 200 and 400 puffs or the equivalent of 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes. Check out the X-Bar reusable Click & Puff with a capacity of 650 puffs per refill cartridge.

Are Puff Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous for Your Lungs?

The health risks associated with using electronic puff cigarettes are lower than those caused by tobacco use. This is because the e-liquids used in puff cigarettes do not contain harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. However, some e-liquids do contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance that leads to dependency. These are not recommended for non-smokers or those in the process of quitting smoking.

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.