How to Refill a Puff Cigarette?

Introduced to the French market in 2021, the puff cigarette was originally a disposable single-use electronic cigarette. Today, many manufacturers have invented a new version of the puff: refillable and rechargeable models that are just as ergonomic and practical as the first puffs, but more eco-friendly. Although puffs are very easy to use, some models require recharging the battery and refilling the e-liquid reservoir


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Recharging a Puff Cigarette’s Battery

When Should You Recharge a Puff’s Battery?


When you see the LED light blinking on your rechargeable puff cigarette, it is time to recharge it! If the light is still on when your puff is recharged, there may be a contact failure problem, in which case consider cleaning the screw thread of your electronic cigarette


Some single-use puff models are not rechargeable. While they may still contain e-liquid, we do not advise recharging them as this can cause serious burns. At X-Bar, we want you to enjoy a frustration-free vaping experience. That is why our single-use puffs are equipped with a powerful enough battery for you to enjoy them until the end. If your puff runs out of battery, you simply need to replace it with a new one.


How to Recharge a Puff Cigarette’s Battery?


If your puff includes a built-in battery, you can recharge it with a USB or USB-C charger. To avoid any risk of overheating, do not recharge the battery of your puff cigarette from a power point, as it would be too fast. Opt to recharge instead with a slower electric current via the USB port of your computer, wifi box, etc.


Refilling a Puff Cigarette’s E-liquid 

What Is E-liquid?


In order to use your puff cigarette, it must contain e-liquid. Once it has been heated by the heating element, the e-liquid produces vapour and allows you to vape. To avoid the risk of a dry burn, which would seriously damage the resistance of your puff, you must make sure that it contains enough e-liquid before you start vaping. 


The composition of e-liquid is the same, whatever your model of puff: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavourings.


Refilling a Disposable Puff Cigarette with E-liquid


Disposable puffs like our Click & Puff pods come pre-filled with a dose of e-liquid. You can choose pods for your electronic cigarette in a wide variety of flavours, with or without nicotine. Enjoy our many flavours, such as:


  • Ice Blueberry 
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Cool Mint
  • Blond Tobacco
  • Vanilla Macadamia
  • any many more… 


If you opt for this technology, you won’t need to refill your puff’s e-liquid reservoir. 


Refilling an Electronic Cigarette with E-liquid


If you have a conventional electronic cigarette, you must refill its reservoir with e-liquid. Depending on your model, you must fill your e-cigarette from the top or the bottom. 


If you are looking to make a more sustainable and eco-friendly purchase than a disposable puff without sacrificing practicality, the Click & Puff Kit is the model for you. Once your puff’s liquid reservoir is empty, simply insert a new e-liquid cartridge in the flavour of your choice into the reservoir. No more spilling bottles of e-liquid into your handbag or other similar hassles! Place your pod in a single movement and enjoy a simple and immediate vaping experience. 

How Long Until You Need to Recharge or Refill a Puff Cigarette?

How Long Does a Refillable Puff Cigarette Last?


The operating time of a puff cigarette depends on its format. The Click & Kit has a battery life of 500 mAh. To recharge it, allow for an average of 2 to 3 hours. You can enjoy over 1300 puffs before needing to refill it with e-liquid. 


How Long Does a Disposable Puff Cigarette Last?


At X-Bar, we offer different models of disposable puff cigarettes with varying puff capacities so that each vaper can find a solution tailored to their needs. 


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How to know when my puff cigarette needs to be recharged?


When the indicator light on your puff cigarette is blinking, it either needs recharging (if it is rechargeable) or it is empty (if it is disposable.) If you feel like the flavour of your puff has changed, it is also time to refill the e-liquid. 

How long does it take to recharge a puff cigarette?


To recharge your puff, allow between 2 and 3 hours. However, the recharging time varies depending on the model and battery capacity.

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