The next generation shisha by X-bar

Upgrade your shisha game with our electronic shisha. It's easy to use, customizable with different LED colors, and provides a unique vaping experience. Indulge and unwind with the ultimate in vaping.

1&2 Users

Pod System

User Friendly

Magnet System


Premium Flavors

Pleasure dispenser

X-BAR Shisha is a unique, innovative format for shisha lovers.
Ideal for a friendly vape since it can be used by two people simultaneously, but you have the possibility of vaping different tastes. No constraints and no jealousy!

Nicotine free

For maximum pleasure!

8 Flavors

  • Myrtille
  • Menthe Chloro
  • Mangue
  • Energy Drink
  • Fruits Rouges
  • Fizzy Cola
  • Double Pomme
  • Raisin frais

A brilliant idea

User-friendly, X-Shisha allows you to easily install the pods and choose from a variety of LED colors to set the mood. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind vaping experience with our revolutionary product.

French design

Designed and designed in France, the X-SHISHA is a little gem that will stand out in your living room thanks to its modern design and multicolored LEDs. Flat and light, it can even accompany you easily during the holidays. The battery won’t let you down thanks to 3000 mAh and fast charging via USB-C.

Fruity colors

8 tasty flavors will seduce you. An intense pleasure to share according to your desires… or solo. Hush. Guilty pleasure.

Specifications of X-Shisha

Documentation of X-Shisha



That's all.

There's one X-Shisha waiting for you. Nothing separates you from your vaping pleasure.

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.