• How does an electronic cigarette work?

    The electronic cigarette (also called “e-cigarette”, “vape” or “vaporizer”) is an electronic device that heats a liquid to create a vapor – without combustion – which is then inhaled.

    An electronic cigarette is typically made up of a battery and an atomizer, the latter being made up of a resistor and a cotton wick (also called a coil) soaked in the liquid to be vaporized.

    The battery generates an electric current, often adjustable via a display screen or button, which flows through the atomizer to reach the resistance; wrapped around a cotton wick impregnated with liquid, the resistance heats and vaporizes the liquid, producing vapor.

    Most X-Bar products are all-in-one disposable e-cigarettes, pre-filled with e-liquids and fully charged batteries.

    The Click & Puff range is a “cartridge system” device (also known as “capsules” or “pods”), i.e. the atomizer, resistance and cotton are contained in one and the same together.

  • What is the vaporized liquid in an e-cigarette?

    The liquid to be vaporized, commonly called “e-liquid” or “e-liquid”, is typically composed of a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), water and various additives.

    Vegetable glycerin creates vapor when heated, while propylene glycol helps bind additives in the liquid, allowing them to vaporize as well.

    E-liquids can also be mixed with nicotine, CBD or other flavors and flavors (tobacco, mint, fruit, candy and cake, ice cream, soda and candy flavors).

    Nicotine is most often added to e-liquids in its purified form, called “base-nicotine”. But nicotine can also be found in e-liquids in the form of “nicotine salts”, a form closer to its natural chemical state and which recreates the feeling of nicotine derived from a traditional tobacco cigarette.

  • What do X-Bar e-liquids contain?

    The list of ingredients used in each e-liquid in our range is listed on the e-liquid packaging and appears as follows: <50% Propylene Glycol, <50% Vegetable Glycerin, water, natural and/or artificial flavors.

    E-liquids can also contain nicotine (available in a range of different strengths) or CBD, depending on the type of product you wish to vape.

    All e-liquids manufactured by X-Bar and sold on our site comply with all regulations and recommendations of the French state. Our products are pharmaceutical grade and are made with only high quality ingredients widely used in the food industry. Naturally, it is not possible for us to publish the exact list of flavors used for reasons of confidentiality.

  • Can an e-cigarette help me quit smoking?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes: can vaping help fight smoking?

    On the one hand, it should be remembered that the electronic cigarette is not recognized as a drug (unlike nicotine patches and other smoking cessation products sold in pharmacies). However, vaping can help recreate the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

    Having reached mass distribution around 2010, the electronic cigarette is still in its infancy. It has not yet been recognized as a pharmaceutical product and it has not yet been conclusively proven that the electronic cigarette can help in quitting smoking. That said, a large number of people claim that with the help of an electronic cigarette, they have managed to reduce their tobacco consumption and even quit smoking tobacco completely.

  • Is vaping dangerous and what are its health effects?

    Many studies on the subject have come to contradictory conclusions, and the scientific community has not yet decided definitively on the subject.

    While the use of nicotine in e-liquids can affect brain development, especially in those under 25, vaped liquids do not contain any of the toxic substances found in regular tobacco cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide.

    Regarding additives and flavorings, many are widely recognized as harmless within the food industry, even if few studies report on their effect on the body that inhales them. It is therefore difficult to say conclusively on the subject in the absence of long-term studies on the ingredients used and their effects when ingested by vaping.

    There is, however, scientific consensus that vaping is less harmful than smoking; conventional cigarettes have been proven to have many toxic effects on human health.

    A statement from the French Academy of Medicine in 2015 states: “Even if it is difficult to precisely quantify the long-term toxicity of electronic cigarette use, it is obviously infinitely less than that of traditional cigarettes”.

  • Who can use an electronic cigarette?

    Electronic cigarettes are intended for use by adults over the age of 18.

    Pregnant women and those with heart problems should consult their doctor before beginning to vape with nicotine or other substances.

    People allergic to nicotine should only vape e-liquids without nicotine.


  • What nicotine level should I choose?

    We advise you to start with the highest level of nicotine that you find comfortable so that you do not experience sudden withdrawal from nicotine. You can then reduce the nicotine level of your chosen pods to achieve your desired goal.

    If you are not already a tobacco smoker, you should not ingest nicotine.

  • What strengths of nicotine and CBD are available?

    Our products are available in three classic nicotine dosages: 0 mg/ml (i.e. without nicotine), 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml. CBD products contain 200mg of CBD per capsule.

  • How long does a Click & Puff last?

    On average, a Click & Puff pod lasts a full day of heavy use (or 650 puffs). For 20mg/ml This is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes; this may vary depending on your particular vaping style and the level of nicotine you have chosen.

    If you find your intake excessive when vaping with nicotine-containing products, you may wish to switch to a more concentrated nicotine e-liquid to satisfy your nicotine cravings more quickly and reduce your overall vaping frequency.

  • How long can you vape with an X-Bar device?

    • On average, an X-BAR 650 lasts an entire day of intensive use (ie 650 puffs). For 20mg/ml it is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes; this may vary depending on your particular vaping style and the level of nicotine you have chosen.
    • The X-BAR PRO makes 1500 puffs and 4.5 ml i.e. 2-3 days
    • The X-BAR BOX makes 4000Puffs and 11ml i.e. 6-8 days
    • The X-BAR MAX makes 6500 puffs and 16 ml or 10-12 days

  • Why is the light on my e-cigarette on?

    • On your single-use device (X-BAR 650, PRO…), the light comes on during suction to indicate that it is in operation. This light flashes when the battery is empty.
    • On your Click&Puff, the LED light is activated on suction to indicate that it is working properly. This LED flashes when the battery is empty. When charging, the LED is on and turns off when your device is fully charged.

  • What should I do before using my Click & Puff for the first time?

    That’s the whole point of the Click&Puff, you don’t have to do anything, open the box, take the Click&Puff out of its protective bag and you can start vaping! Nothing could be simpler for this reusable puff. Once the battery is empty, you can recharge it via its USB-C port. If you have no more puffs, insert a new refill of 650 puffs sold individually.


  • How should I maintain my X-Bar product?

    We recommend that you clean your product regularly to keep it dry and prevent damage to the battery and electrical circuits.

    Store your product in a cool, dry place and keep your battery away from heat sources (eg direct sunlight or a hot car in summer).

    You should also avoid leaving your device upside down for any length of time (be careful when putting it in your pocket). The device can be stored on its side without any problem.

    Do not use on a plane, if you are on a plane it is advisable to disconnect the pod from the battery if possible.

  • How do I clean my vaporizer?

    Remove the pod from your kit and use a dry cotton swab to clean the base and sides of the area where you insert your pod.
    Turn the device upside down and gently press the cotton swab around the metal contact points. Leave the swab there for a minute or two to absorb any liquid that may have collected there. Be careful not to press too hard on the metal contacts, as this may damage the battery.

  • What is the recommended charging method for a device?

    You must use a charger of 1A maximum to charge your device (for example the USB port of a computer). Using a more powerful charger than this may damage the battery. We do not recommend using a mobile phone charger as these can also damage the battery.
    Never charge your device in environments where the temperature is below 0°C or above 40°C.

  • How to solve connection problems during charging?

    First try turning your battery around 180° (opposite direction) in the charger to improve the contact between the charger and the device.
    We also recommend cleaning the connection points at the base of your device and those within the charger to ensure that they are clean and dry.

  • Why is the light on my device flashing when I take a puff?

    A flashing light indicates that the cartridge is not in contact with the battery. If so, slightly adjust the contacts on the pod and the device so that they make contact.
    Rotating your pod 180° (opposite direction) in the slot can help improve the connection.
    This issue can also occur as a result of dust or liquid accumulating in your device preventing proper connection. In this case, clean your product (see above).

  • How to prevent the e-liquid from escaping from the device?

    Storing pods in direct sunlight or high ambient temperatures can affect the viscosity of the e-liquid and lead to leakage, which can damage the battery.

    When your device is not cleaned regularly, the connection between the battery and the pods may fail, resulting in e-liquid leakage.

  • Why do I get e-liquid in my mouth/on my lips when I take a puff?

    By inhaling too hard, the e-liquid may not have time to vaporize properly and may then re-condense as a liquid in the airflow of the device.

  • My device is triggered automatically. What should I do ?

    Remove the capsule and clean the inside of the device following the instructions above. Be sure to clean out any liquid that may have accumulated in the device.

  • Why do my Click & Puff pods taste burnt?

    A loss of flavor or a slight burnt taste may indicate that your pod is empty. Stop vaping as soon as you identify this variation: it’s time to change the pod.

    If your pod is new, wait a few minutes before vaping again and try again, if the problem persists, contact your retailer.


  • To which part of the world do you ship?

    We ship anywhere in the world where vaping products are permitted to be imported. However, we advise you to check the legislation of your country of destination as we must declare all shipments to customs; in some cases, e-cigarette products will not clear customs in some countries. As we ship from France, it is possible that some countries levy taxes or import fees when you collect your package, which we cannot be held responsible for.

  • How long do I have to wait before receiving my order?

    We ship all orders within 24-48 hours (working days) once payment is received. In some cases, product availability may delay shipment. From time to time, we may ship items separately if certain items in the order are not available at the time of shipment.
    Once your order has been dispatched, we will send you an e-mail containing the tracking information for your package. In case you have not received such an email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder.
    If you have placed an order and have not received a shipping confirmation after two business days, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the status of your order.

  • Can I modify an order that has not yet been shipped?

    If you have not yet received a confirmation email with tracking information, please contact us. Please include your name, the email address linked to your X-Bar account, your order number and any changes you wish to make to your order.
    Most orders are dispatched the same day we receive them, and as such we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to modify your existing orders.

  • I have not yet received my order / my order is incomplete. What is happening?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our support, via our contact page.

  • My package is damaged / some products are damaged or missing.

    In the event that your package arrives damaged, you must refuse to take possession of it from the carrier used and demand that it be returned to the sender. You will not be charged for this – we cover all return costs for damaged packages ourselves. If the damaged package is already in your possession, please contact us so that we can investigate and provide a satisfactory solution to your problem.


  • How long are X-Bar products guaranteed?

    All products purchased on our site benefit from a commercial guarantee of 2 months from the date of receipt of the product.

  • Can I return my electronic cigarette?

    If you purchased your product from our website, please contact us using the contact form page, verify your product eligibility, and begin the return process.
    If you purchased your product in a store and you live outside of France, please contact your original seller to find out more about their return policy.

  • Can I return pods?

    As Caps are consumable products, we cannot replace Caps or e-liquids that have already been opened/used.
    If you have any problem with our products, please contact us immediately.

  • My product is not eligible for warranty: what should I do?

    Whatever the problem, you can contact our team using the contact form page to explain your problem. We cannot always guarantee that we will be able to solve your problem, but we may be able to help you as a sign of goodwill.


   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.