How to Clean Your Puff E-cigarette?

Every day, dust and crumbs from your pocket or handbag, and traces of saliva and lipstick accumulate on the trip tip of your electronic cigarette. To keep your puff cigarette clean and hygienic, meticulous maintenance and cleaning are regularly needed. 


Want to buy a puff cigarette but don’t know how to maintain it? Cleaning products, methods, and tips: discover the advice of X-Bar, the online puff bar, to clean your electronic cigarette and maximise its lifespan!

Composition of a Puff Electronic Cigarette


A puff is an easy-to-use, refillable or disposable electronic cigarette. It is made up of several components, including:  


  • A battery 
  • A cartomisor, which contains a heating element and a cotton pad soaked in e-liquid, itself made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings 
  • A vape sensor, the puff cigarette turns on when you inhale through it
  • A junction box which houses all of these components 


Maintaining and Cleaning a Puff Cigarette

Maintenance Advice


While maintaining your puff is easy, it is still important to take care of it. In order to avoid damaging the battery and the electrical circuits of your e-cigarette, we recommend storing your puff in a cool and dry place, while avoiding having a heat source next to your e-cigarette, such as direct sunlight. Also avoid keeping your puff cigarette in a hot car during the summer. 


Maintaining a Conventional Puff


Unlike a conventional electronic cigarette, a puff cannot be taken apart. While you do not need to clean your puff e-cigarette, you can gently clean the mouthpiece of your puff with a tissue. Remember to carefully read the safety instructions included with your e-cigarette. 


At X-Bar, we offer several single-use puff cigarette models, such as: 



Maintaining a Refillable Puff Cigarette


In response to environmental concerns, we have created refillable puff cigarette models that are just as practical as the original disposable e-cigarettes. From small to large formats, we have designed a range of refillable puffs so that every vaper can find the right electronic cigarette to suit their needs and vaping habits.


The Click & Puff 


Click & Puff pods are refillable e-cigarettes sold with single-use pods. Just like classic puff cigarettes, Click & Puff pods cannot be dismantled. The pods require no cleaning. However, if you would like to clean the inside of your puff, you can use a cotton bud to clean the air passages which become accessible when you remove the pod. Be careful, or you risk damaging your e-cigarette.

The Oxa 


The Oxa is an e-cigarette with a refillable reservoir, and a mouthpiece moulded into one. For reasons of hygiene, we advise you to clean the mouthpiece frequently. However, X-Bar has thought of everything! To prevent crumbs and other dust residues in your handbag or pocket from dirtying the Oxa mouthpiece, this electronic cigarette comes with a protective cap

The Filter Pro


The Filter Pro is also a refillable e-cigarette. To remind vapers of the sensation of a traditional cigarette, it has interchangeable tips. The only maintenance required is regularly replacing the tips. Thanks to its open system, the e-liquid reservoir is easy to access for everyday use. The hardest part is choosing from all our e-liquid flavours

The Mini Kit


Just like the Click & Puff, the Mini Kit is an e-cigarette that can be refilled up to 7 times and comes in a starter kit complete with the e-cigarette and 10ml of e-liquid. For a trouble-free vaping experience, all you need to do is regularly clean the pod tips. When your puff blinks, it usually indicates that the battery is low or that the pod needs to be replaced.


What Products Should You Use to Clean Your Puff Cigarette?


You can use everyday products to clean your puff, such as: 


  • A cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Cotton buds
  • Water
  • Soap of washing-up liquid 
  • White vinegar
  • Bicarbonate of soda

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Electronic Cigarette?


Disposable puffs require no maintenance, unlike conventional electronic cigarettes. As it is handled multiple times a day over a period of time, your e-cigarette needs cleaning and maintenance for reasons of hygiene, but also to maximise the lifespan of its components. 

What Is the Difference in Maintenance between a Conventional Electronic Cigarette and a Puff?


While a conventional electronic cigarette requires regular and rigorous maintenance, a puff requires almost no cleaning, for an optimal and stress-free vaping experience. 

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