Nomadic, simple and elegant

The Filter Pro® is the perfect combination of simplicity and on-the-go experience. This beautiful open system ecigarette has been designed to offer maximum satisfaction to whoever has it in hand.

High en materials


6 Available Colors



An e-cig that you will remember

X-Bar Filter Pro© is the latest addition to the X-Bar range. This 2.5ml refillable pod cigarete has 400mAh battery. Take full advantage of the X-Bar flavors thanks to its MESH 1.0 Ohm resistance. The little vape pen comes with 1600mAh power bank to never run out of battery.

The powerbank and the e-cigarette recharge very quickly thank to their USB-C ports. They respectively have 3 small LEDs to monitor your battery level with accuracy.


in line with the times

Handy Powerbank

Easy snapping, magnet system + Led Indicator

USB-C Fast Charge

Easy to use and very user friendly USB-C câble.

Easy Filling Pods

Open the pod hatch, and fill 2ml of X-Bar Eliquid

Quick Set Up

Magnet system to place the pod. 3 Leds indicates the battery level

One last thing

Place the filter at the top. If needed, charge your Filter Pro Pen® with it USB-C Cable.


The Filter Pro® e-cigarette features a powerful battery that can last for a full day of vaping. However, with its impressive battery capacity, the experience can be extended to several days thanks to the 1600 mAh power bank, providing uninterrupted enjoyment. Say goodbye to frequent charging and embrace extended vaping sessions with the Filter Pro®’s long-lasting battery.

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Colorful High end materials, practical removal pods and filters...

The design of the Filter Pro© has been thought out to give a shiny and matt metallic look at the same time. Also choose from 5 colors to stand out.

Adding to its sleek design is a refillable pod as well as a soft-touch filter, which is reminiscent of the feeling of having a cigarette filter in your mouth.

Specifications of X-Bar Filter Pro - Kit



One step closer to the ultimate e-cigarette

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.