A little of puff in your open system ecig

The Click & Puff or X-bar 650 flavors are already recognized as a benchmark, whether in terms of flavor restitution or vaping quality. We have thought of all early vapers, and we now offer a range open to all vaping systems: the 10ml X-Bar E-liquids.

The 18 best puff flavors in e-liquid

Why complicate things? We have selected 18 of our best X-bar Puff flavors to make them available in 10ml e-liquid bottles.

Fruity, minty or drink flavors. Sweet, tangy or punchy flavors. Each e-liquid is developed to reward all the flavors and flavors of the fruits that compose it.

Our e-liquids are available in 10 and 20 mg/ml… nicotine salt, please!

Simple & Efficient

Strong Vape
18 Flavors

Vaper X-Bar E-liquids 10ml, it is the assurance of a vape-pleasure

Now that you’ve made your choice of flavor and nicotine level, all you have to do is enjoy the moment. In small doses or to vape all day, the choice of a 10ml bottle is wise because it is economical and practical.

So what will it be for you? For me it will be mint… Rather strawberry milkshake… I hesitate…

Try it now!

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.