Oxa is a pocket format Ecig, small, flat and elegant, it is the perfect cigarette for everyday use without constraints. Despite its miniature format, it hides within a 900 mAh battery and a 4ml pod for eliquid : anough for a regular everyday use.

its slim drip tip will remind you the feeling of slim cigarettes and allows you to have a more pleasant mouthfeel.

Users know it, pockets or handbags are not hygienic: a small cap is provided to protect the drip tip during transport,  a space is cleverly placed under the device to store during use.


Oxa Dust Protection©

Oxa comes with a very useful accessory: a dust cover specifically developed for everyday use. Very practical and hygienic, the dust protection will prevent any dust from settling or even entering the vape mouthpiece. Vape safe with Oxa.

Simply yet elegant

Oxa was designed to give the owner some pleasure in owning this elegant e-cigarette. Easy to handle, it will catch the eye and will certainly appeal to those around you.

Specifications of Oxa

  • Capacity4ml
  • Battery900mAh
  • Weight50g
  • Size73×36×16mm
  • ConnectionUSB-C
  • Ohm0.8

Documentation of Oxa

  • Quick description
  • Oxa Manual