What Is a Puff E-Cigarette Made Of?

Since 2021, the market for electronic cigarettes and puffs has been on the rise in the UK, largely thanks to social networks.

Since their vapour is free of substances that are toxic to the body, like tar or carbon monoxide, puffs are emerging as an alternative to tobacco. Whether disposable or rechargeable, the electronic cigarette can also help you quit smoking and makes an excellent solution for curbing your tobacco habit.

Still, Puffs are made of complex systems that can pose risks to users who mishandle them. But what exactly is inside these e-cigarettes?

Battery, flavour reservoir, e-liquid ingredients, mouthpiece, and atomiser: discover the components of puffs and electronic cigarettes and the best ways to maintain them!


The Battery of Rechargeable Puffs and Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

In a disposable or rechargeable puff, the basic system remains the same: your electronic cigarette’s battery produces power, which activates the heating element, heating it up. 

However, there is one major difference between the two systems. The disposable puff requires no upkeep. Once the e-cigarette is empty, you must dispose of it because there is currently no way to recycle it. 

Unlike a disposable puff, once empty, the rechargeable puff can be plugged in with a cable to recharge the battery.


A Puff’s E-liquid Reservoir

When you buy a disposable electronic cigarette, its e-liquid reservoir is pre-filled. Once your puff is empty, so is the reservoir, and your e-cigarette is finished.

However, a rechargeable puff functions differently from a disposable one. The e-liquid reservoir that is integrated into the disposable puff’s body is now available as a pod. You simply insert this small cartridge filled with e-liquid into your rechargeable puff. Once this pod is empty, you can replace it with a new one and change the taste of your rechargeable puff without replacing the entire system. The pods offer the same simple experience as a disposable puff in a more responsible package!


What Is E-liquid Made Of?

The composition of electronic cigarette e-liquids is almost always the same: a base, flavourings, and nicotine (which remains optional.)

Generally speaking, e-liquids contain three main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings. While all e-liquids contain the first two ingredients, nicotine levels can vary from 0 to 20 mg. If you want to give up smoking, you can gradually reduce the nicotine content in your puff’s e-liquid.

Finally, the flavourings in the e-liquid are what give your electronic cigarette all of its flavour!


The Atomiser in Rechargeable Puffs and Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Whether you’re using a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette, the atomiser is considered the key element for the smooth operation of your e-cigarette. It transforms the e-liquid (with or without nicotine) into vapour, turning it from a liquid into a gas.

An atomiser consists of an airflow system, a reservoir, and a heating element, plus a central tube (chimney) and a drip tip (the mouthpiece you use to inhale from the puff.)


What Is A Puff’s Mouthpiece?

The mouthpiece of a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette is identical on both models. It’s the part of the device you place in your mouth and inhale the vapour produced by the e-cigarette.

The mouthpiece can be wide or narrow, affecting the inhaled vapour’s quantity and density.


A Puff’s Inhalation Sensor or Inhalation Button

The inhalation sensor on an electronic cigarette detects when a user approaches and triggers the vaporisation of the e-liquid. Not every puff is equipped with this system. Sometimes, you will need to press an activation button to activate the battery and trigger the e-cigarette.

Some puffs also trigger automatically when the user inhales from the mouthpiece to breathe in the e-liquid vapour.


The Importance of a Puff’s Electronic Circuit 

The electronic circuit is another key element of a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette. It controls the heating element’s temperature and the quantity of e-liquid it vaporises. 

A puff’s electronic circuit is also responsible for:

  • Regulating the battery’s power
  • Protecting against short-circuits
  • Managing the battery’s charge level

The complex assembly of a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette shows just how important it is to be familiar with this device to avoid using it in a way that can endanger users, many of whom are younger.



Can I Personalise My Rechargeable Puff?

In terms of visual appearance, you cannot personalise your rechargeable puff.

However, it’s possible to personalise your electronic cigarette in a number of ways, such as choosing:

  • The taste and flavour of your e-liquid
  • The colour of your rechargeable puff
  • The shape of your puff
  • The e-liquid capacity of your puff

How Do I Maintain My Puff?

To maintain your rechargeable puff in the best way possible, you first need to remove the pod that gives your rechargeable electronic cigarette its flavour. You will then have access to the puff’s air passages, which you can clean with a cotton bud or a small piece of kitchen roll. The pods require no particular maintenance apart from replacing them once empty.

If you wish, you can also clean the outside of your rechargeable puff with a slightly damp cloth.

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