X-Bar Click & Puff CBD: The World’s First Pods with Natural Terpenes

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two exclusive new flavors in our Click & Puff range: CBD Natural Terpenes and CBD Lemon Haze. These new additions are more than just an expansion of our catalog; they represent a true revolution in the world of CBD vaping.

The First CBD Pods with Natural Terpenes

At X-Bar, we always strive to offer you the highest quality products. Our new CBD pods are the first and currently the only ones on the market designed with natural terpenes. But what does that mean for you?

Purity in Its Purest Form

Terpenes are natural compounds found in plants that give them their distinct aromas and flavors. By using natural terpenes, we guarantee you a more authentic and pure vaping experience. No artificial additives, just the natural taste of CBD.

An Exceptional Collaboration with Le Chanvrier Suisse

To create these high-quality CBD pods, we partnered with Le Chanvrier Suisse, a pioneer and European leader in CBD cultivation and production. Le Chanvrier Suisse is renowned for its rigor and expertise in the field, using organic and sustainable farming methods to produce CBD of exceptional purity and quality.

Our Two New Flavors: A Unique Experience

CBD Natural Terpenes

This pod offers you a full immersion into the natural flavors of hemp. The natural terpenes provide a rich and complex aromatic palette, allowing you to rediscover CBD in its most authentic form. Perfect for natural flavor enthusiasts and those seeking a raw and pure vaping experience.
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CBD Lemon Haze

For those who prefer a fruitier note, our CBD Lemon Haze pod is ideal. Infused with natural terpenes, this pod exudes fresh, lemony aromas reminiscent of the famous Lemon Haze cannabis strain. It’s an explosion of vibrant flavors that awaken the senses while offering the relaxing benefits of CBD.
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X-Bar’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We are determined to push the boundaries of innovation in vaping. By collaborating with Le Chanvrier Suisse, we ensure that each pod is crafted with the utmost care, adhering to strict quality standards. We believe that every puff should be an exceptional experience, blending pleasure and well-being.

Why Choose Our Click & Puff CBD Pods?

  • Purity and Authenticity: Natural terpenes for an authentic vaping experience.
  • Superior Quality: In partnership with Le Chanvrier Suisse, a European leader in CBD.
  • Convenience: The Click & Puff system for easy and quick use.
  • Well-being: The benefits of CBD combined with natural and pleasant flavors.

Don’t miss the chance to discover these exclusive new products. Visit our X-Bar site now and indulge in a unique and refreshing vaping experience.
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Join the Vaper Revolution

At X-Bar, we are more than just a vaping brand; we are a community of enthusiasts. We invite you to share your experiences and feedback on our new CBD pods. Together, let’s continue to explore and enjoy the many facets of vaping.

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