Click & Puff – Pod CBD – Lemon Haze

CBD 200MG | THC 0.0%

Introducing POD CBD Lemon Haze, a delightful blend of lemon zest and calming CBD, perfect for those seeking a refreshing yet tranquil vaping experience. With each inhale, savor the invigorating fusion of tangy lemon and subtle CBD undertones, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Whether unwinding or seeking serenity, POD CBD Lemon Haze promises a satisfying vape that will leave you wanting more.


You must own a Click & Puff Kit to vape this pod You must own a Click & Puff Kit to vape this pod

X-BAR® has chosen to partner with Le Chanvrier Suisse®

X-BAR® has meticulously selected Le Chanvrier Suisse®, a renowned European authority in the realm of CBD, renowned for its commitment to purity and quality. This exclusive partnership brings forth an exceptional range of CBD PODs, where every aspect is carefully calculated and refined to deliver the ultimate CBD vaping experience.

Drawing on X-Bar’s unparalleled expertise in vaping and Le Chanvrier Suisse®’s dedication to purity, these CBD PODs offer a harmonious fusion of innovation and excellence. Each component is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of quality, providing customers with a truly premium vaping experience.

From the sourcing of premium CBD extracts to the intricacies of flavor development, every step of the process is conducted with precision and care. With X-Bar CBD PODs, customers can indulge in the purest form of relaxation, knowing that every detail has been considered to deliver the utmost satisfaction.