X-Bar Max Tropical Punch

With the X BAR MAX Tutti Frutti, enjoy an unlimited tropical cocktail! A real treat for the taste buds



Personalize your experience with X-BAR, with a unique tropical cocktail in a disposable electronic cigarette by French Lab.

The X-BAR MAX with Tutti Frutti taste was created for true lovers of fruity and sweet tastes.
The disposable e-cig kit is compact, simple, easy to carry. Each e-cigarette contains 16ml of e-liquid and a 6500mAh battery to last over a week.

Rechargeable quickly with a type C charger, no button, this e-cigarette is very easy to use, just suck to activate it. It offers a true hassle-free vaping experience and can be used right out of the box. Available in a range of flavors to suit all vapers.

According to local regulations, the X-BAR MAX is available in 0 mg of nicotine in Europe.
Outside Europe, other nicotine levels are available according to local regulations.
The X-BAR MAX is a variation of its little sister but with more e-liquid (16 ml) more choice of flavors, more autonomy… In short, the MAX version for those looking for an XXL alternative to the classic cigarette .
On vacation, in the evenings, or simply for a coffee break, this X-BAR will accompany you everywhere with discretion and elegance.

However, this product is prohibited for minors and is only intended for adult smokers.


– Capacity: 16ml
– Battery: 1000 mAh quickly rechargeable thanks to its USB-C port
– 6500 Puffs
– Power (Ω): 1.1 Ohm Mesh Coil