Refillable or Disposable Puff: Which Should You Choose?

Wondering whether to choose a refillable or disposable puff? It’s true that these two types of tobacco-free electronic cigarettes both offer the advantage of a pocket-sized format that’s easy to carry on the go, at a party, or on a trip. However, these small e-cigarettes have some major differences.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about refillable and disposable puffs to let you decide what’s right for you. 


What Is a Refillable Puff? 

A refillable puff is an electronic device that, like an electronic cigarette, offers the sensation of smoking a cigarette but without the tobacco. It includes a device that heats a liquid solution, creating vapour that the user inhales to recreate the sensation of smoking.

Unlike a disposable puff, a refillable puff is also reusable. Its battery can be recharged and its e-liquid cartridges are interchangeable. 

Some refillable puff models have a refillable reservoir you can replenish with the e-liquid of your choice. The lifespan of this type of electronic cigarette is thus much longer than a disposable puff. 


What Is a Disposable Puff?

A disposable puff is similar to a refillable one, except it’s designed for a single use.

The components of a disposable puff are thus similar to a refillable one. It contains:

  • A battery
  • An e-liquid cartridge with a given amount of flavour, with or without nicotine
  • An e-liquid vaporisation system

Unlike refillable electronic cigarettes, the disposable puff’s battery is not rechargeable and the cartridge and vaporisation system are inseparable. Therefore, you must throw away the entire device once the battery is empty.


What Are the Differences between a Refillable Puff and a Disposable One?

There are several differences between a refillable puff and a disposable one. Firstly, they don’t last the same amount of time. The disposable puff can only be used once, whereas the refillable puff is designed to be used many times. Once the battery is empty, you simply recharge it with the USB-C cable supplied with the refillable puff.

The two devices also differ in their reservoir design. The refillable puff, like a refillable electronic cigarette, includes a refill or replacement reservoir (cartridge) containing the e-liquid. 

Thus, you can change the flavour of the e-liquid as you wish. The disposable puff has a non-removable reservoir filled with e-liquid that cannot be replaced.


When Should You Opt for a Refillable Puff? 

The refillable puff is an attractive choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and easy-to-carry electronic cigarette. This type of refillable electronic cigarette can also be a valuable aid to smokers looking to give up tobacco and nicotine by vaping.

Unlike a disposable puff, you can customise your refillable puff and discover different nicotine levels and flavours without breaking the bank. In fact, users of this e-cigarette can choose the taste of their e-liquid and even, on some models, adjust the power of their puff to obtain more or less vapour. 

The refillable puff is also a convenient and eco-friendly vaping solution for vapers making environmentally conscious choices. By opting for a reusable puff, you also reduce plastic pollution


When Should You Opt for a Disposable Puff? 

Disposable puffs are ideal for novice vapers looking to try out electronic cigarettes. This kind of disposable electronic cigarette allows users to get used to vaping without investing in an expensive system. 

It allows you to discover this new activity without commitment, so you can judge for yourself if the device suits you.

Another advantage of a disposable puff is that it’s practical for vapers constantly on the go who don’t want to carry a refill kit. 

Prefilled and ready to use, disposable electronic cigarettes require no setup. You simply inhale from the disposable puff through the mouthpiece to trigger operation and breathe in a cloud of flavour, with or without nicotine. 

Disposable puffs are inexpensive and available in different flavours, with both nicotine-free and nicotine-containing varieties available. They are ideal for smokers making the transition to electronic cigarettes who are looking for an economical solution to give up traditional cigarettes. 



How to Choose the Right Refillable Puff?

To choose the right refillable puff, ask yourself about your vaping preferences and habits. If you’re looking to stop smoking, you should opt for a refillable puff that lets you control the nicotine level of your device. This approach will enable you to withdraw from tobacco gradually.

If you want an easier vaping experience, we recommend choosing a model with Click & Puff technology. X-Bar’s refillable Click & Puff is triggered by inhalation and allows you to vape in a single movement.

The X-Bar Click & Puff also has a long battery life. Its powerful 500 mAh battery can be recharged via USB-C.

If you like to regularly vary the flavour of your refillable puff, take a close look at the number of flavours compatible with the device. For example, the X-Bar Click & Puff is compatible with 19 different flavours and is available with 3 nicotine levels.

How Do I Use My Refillable Puff Correctly?

Here are a few tips to use your refillable puff correctly:

  • Clean the components of your electronic cigarette, especially the cartridge and drip-tip.
  • Adapt your inhalation style, whether direct or indirect inhalation, to the puff model you’re using. 
  • Try out the different available flavours to discover the tastes you enjoy the most.

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.