What Are the Advantages of the X-Bar Click & Puff?

The e-cigarette revolutionised tobacco consumption by offering smokers a safer and more modern alternative. Among the many options available, the X-Bar Click & Puff stands out for its unique advantages. Designed to offer a convenient, enjoyable, and hassle-free vaping experience, the X-Bar Click & Puff is sure to win the heart of every vaper. Find out more about the X-Bar Click & Puff and the benefits of this innovative product!


Click & Puff: The Reinvented and Reusable Puff!

The X-Bar Click & Puff marks a new era in the world of electronic cigarettes by offering an innovative approach to vaping. Click & Puff technology stands out for its simplicity: all it takes is one puff to automatically activate the device, eliminating the need for superfluous buttons. This innovation gives you a smooth and intuitive vaping experience, ideal for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Discover X-Bar e-cigarettes and starter kit!


Optimum Battery Performance

The X-Bar Click & Puff has a powerful and reliable battery, so you can vape with confidence all day long. No need to worry about running out of battery when you need it the most. The Click & Puff is by your side all day long! Its long-lasting battery was carefully designed to give you extended battery life, ideal for busy days and getaways. Whether on the move, at work, or relaxing, the Click & Puff stays by your side, ready to provide the best possible vaping experience without interruption.


Double Your Puffs and Lower Your Costs with the Click & Puff! 

The Click & Puff 650 also stands out for its great value for money. Thanks to its reusable format, you can double the number of puffs compared to conventional disposable electronic cigarettes. The 2 extra cartridges sold with your Click & Puff let you enjoy 1300 puffs for the price of 650!


This adds up to serious savings over time, all while reducing the environmental impact of disposable product waste. Opting for the Click & Puff 650 means investing in a sustainable and cost-effective vaping experience. 


French Design, Perfect Ergonomics: The Click & Puff Has It All!

Carefully designed down to the smallest detail, the X-Bar Click & Puff features an elegant and contemporary design. Its perfect ergonomics guarantee a comfortable grip in your hand, while its compact size makes it ideal for use on the move. Manufactured with French expertise and quality, this electronic cigarette combines aesthetics with performance for an unrivalled vaping experience.  


A Wide Variety of Flavours

The X-Bar Click & Puff offers a wide range of pod flavours to suit every palate. From classic to fruity to refreshing menthol, its 19 flavours available in 3 nicotine levels have been carefully developed to deliver an exceptionally tasting experience. You can choose from a variety of refills, allowing you to personalise your vaping experience to suit your mood.


Vape Responsibly with the Eco-Designed Click & Puff!

The X-Bar Click & Puff is committed to the environment. It has been eco-designed with sustainable materials, reducing its carbon footprint. Thanks to its reusable format and durability, it helps reduce plastic waste associated with disposable electronic cigarettes. Opting for the Click & Puff means making a responsible choice for the planet!


Click & Puff Is Easy to Use and Maintain 

Click & Puff is easy to use and simple to maintain. Click & Puff technology requires no complex operation; simply take a puff to activate it. What’s more, its design and guaranteed leak-free operation eliminate any worry of tedious upkeep. To maximise its lifespan, regularly recharge the battery and gently clean the mouthpiece after each use.


A Healthier Alternative to Smoking

As with the Filter Pro, one of the biggest advantages of the X-Bar Click & Puff is its ability to offer a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco. Faced with the dangers of cigarette smoke, these two novel options guarantee a vaping experience free from tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances. By opting for an X-Bar electronic cigarette, smokers take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to gradually reduce your dependency on tobacco or kick the habit for good, the X-Bar Filter Pro and Click & Puff are here to help you on your way to better well-being!


Click & Puff vs. X-Bar Filter Pro: Compare to Make a Better Choice

While the Click & Puff offers ease of use and cost savings, the X-Bar Filter Pro, the latest and greatest of X-Bar’s range, redefines the vaping experience thanks to advanced Click & Puff technology. Aimed at more regular and experienced vapers, this innovation offers unrivalled customisation of your vaping experience. Simply fill the reservoir with e-liquid and press to adjust the intensity of each puff, giving you total control over your vaping. Take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy optimum power thanks to its magnetic power bank and USB-C fast charge cable to recharge your X-Bar Filter Pro wherever you are. Discover our range of e-liquids


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Why Buy an X-Bar Click & Puff?

The X-Bar Click & Puff offers a simplified vaping experience thanks to Click & Puff technology. It also offers long-term savings thanks to its reusable design. What’s more, its French design combines aesthetics and ergonomics, making for an attractive choice. By opting for the X-Bar Click & Puff, you are finally helping the planet by reducing plastic waste.

How Many Flavours Are Available with The X-Bar Click & Puff?

The X-Bar Click & Puff offers 19 flavours to suit all palates. You can choose from a variety of flavours and personalise your vaping experience according to your taste preferences. 

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.