How Do You Know If Your Puff E-cigarette Is Empty?

The electronic cigarette phenomenon continues to take off, and with it, the use of disposable puff e-cigarettes or pre-filled pods. These small portable devices offer a convenient vaping experience, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell when your puff e-cigarette is about to run out. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to take a pleasant puff only to find an empty reservoir. 


However, there are a few simple tricks to know when a puff is empty and avoid moments of uncertainty. Discover X-Bar’s tips!


Pay Attention to the Amount of Vapour Produced by Your E-cigarette


The first sign that your puff e-cigarette may be empty is a significant drop in the amount of vapour it produces. If you’re used to making thick clouds of vapour, and you start to notice lower vapour production, this could be a sign that your puff is running out of e-liquid. Pre-filled pods are generally designed to provide a constant amount of vapour until they’re completely used, so it’s important to pay attention to changes in vapour density.


Verify the Taste of the Vapour


Aside from the amount of vapour, the taste of the vapour can also give you an idea of your puff’s condition. If you notice a burnt, metallic, or unpleasant taste, it’s quite possible that your puff e-cigarette is empty or that the inside wick is burning out. Once the reservoir is empty, there’s no liquid to prevent the wick from burning, which can alter the taste of your vapour. If you notice a drastic change in taste, it’s time to check if your puff is empty.


Gently Shake Your Puff E-cigarette


By gently shaking your puff e-cigarette, you can easily detect whether there is still any liquid left. If you feel liquid freely moving inside, it’s a good indicator that your reservoir is empty or almost empty. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel any liquid moving around, it means your puff e-cigarette is still full. Don’t hesitate to shake your puff regularly to quickly assess its fill level. 


Check the E-Liquid Level Window and the Puff Counter


Pre-filled puff e-cigarettes come with an e-liquid level window and a counter which shows you the level of liquid in the reservoir and the number of puffs remaining. If your puff cigarette is equipped with one, check these features regularly to see if it’s empty or if you have enough e-liquid left to continue vaping. 


Take a Puff


If you take a puff of your puff e-cigarette, but you get no vapour or an extremely weak puff, your puff e-cig is probably empty. On the other hand, some puff e-cigarettes prevent you from puffing for too long or too often, which can also result in a lack of vapour. 


Check the Blinking Light


When a puff e-cigarette is empty, it sometimes lets you know with a blinking light. Keep an eye on this light when you pull on your puff. If it changes from blue to blinking red, it means it’s empty, and it’s time to dispose of your puff cigarette.


Keep Track of How Long You Use It


The average use duration of a puff e-cigarette can vary depending on various factors, such as the reservoir capacity, your vaping frequency, and your puffing style. If you regularly use your puff e-cig all day long, you may need to replace it more frequently. Depending on how long you usually use your puff, you can predict when it will become empty.


Plan a Refill or Replacement System


Even if you can’t refill a disposable puff e-cigarette, there are a few techniques to avoid running out of vapour when you need it the most. It’s a good idea to set up a regular replacement system for your puff. You can buy extra pre-filled pods, which you’ll always have on hand so you never go without. 


To make sure you never run out of vapour, opt for the 650 to 6500 puff X-Bar puff e-cigarettes! Available in a wide variety of flavours like red berries, cool mint, and blond tobacco, you can also opt for Click&Puff refillable puff e-cigarettes with interchangeable pods! 



What Should I Do If My Puff E-cigarette Is Empty?


If your refillable X-Bar puff is empty, you can buy replacement pods for your device to continue vaping without interruption. Make sure to choose the right pods compatible with your puff model. You can also keep an alternative handy, like a spare electronic cigarette or traditional cigarettes if you’re a former smoker. However, people often switch to vaping to reduce or eliminate tobacco use, so it’s best to avoid going back to traditional cigarettes except as a temporary solution. 

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