How Long Does It Last?

How Long Does a Puff Cigarette Last?

Imported from the United States, the puff cigarette quickly took off as the new electronic cigarette among smokers hoping to give up tobacco, as well as seasoned vapers. The puff has won them over thanks to its convenience, ergonomics, and ease of use. Puff cigarettes allow you to enjoy the advantages of conventional electronic cigarettes without the downsides! So how long does a puff cigarette last compared to an electronic or traditional cigarette?

Learn about the duration of a puff cigarette with X-Bar.

What is a Puff Electronic Cigarette and Who Is It For?

The Puff: A New Disposable Electronic Cigarette

With a puff cigarette, no more badly sealed e-liquid bottles spilling in your bag and no more worrying about charging your e-cigarette at night! The puff is a disposable electronic cigarette, unlike the conventional e-cigarette. Once it is empty, there is no need to refill it with liquid or recharge it. As convenient as it may be, it is less eco-friendly than a conventional electronic cigarette, so refillable puff cigarettes with a longer lifespan have recently appeared on the market.

Who Are Puff Cigarettes Geared Towards?

Although smoking a puff cigarette is not recommended for non-smokers, it is a less-harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes as it does not contain toxic substances. In fact, an electronic cigarette does not produce smoke but vapour from a liquid containing propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings. Thus puff cigarettes are mainly geared towards tobacco smokers hoping to quit smoking. You can also choose from several different nicotine levels, ranging from 0mg/ml to 20mg/ml, to help you gradually stop smoking.

The Duration of a Puff Cigarette

The Number of Puffs in a Puff Cigarette

A traditional cigarette contains about 15 puffs. So to find out exactly how many cigarettes are equivalent to a puff e-cigarette, simply divide the stated number of puffs by 15. At X-Bar, we offer a range of different puff cigarettes with a varying number of puffs.


  • 650 puffs from the X-Bar 650, or the equivalent of more than two packs of traditional cigarettes and 6 days worth if you vape a hundred puffs per day: X-Bar 650 – Disposable e-cigarettes – reach 650 puffs
  • 1500 puffs on the X-Bar Pro, or the equivalent of five packs of traditional cigarettes and two weeks’ worth if you vape a hundred puffs per day
  • 6500 puffs on the X-Bar Max, or more than twenty packs of traditional cigarettes and two months’ worth if you vape a hundred puffs per day

How to Optimise How Long a Puff Cigarette Lasts?

To get the most out of your puff cigarette, we recommend inhaling puffs no longer than 5 seconds and limiting yourself to 15 puffs per cigarette break. Beyond that, you could damage the heating element of your electronic cigarette, the part which heats the e-liquid and transforms it into vapour.

How Do You Know When Your Puff Cigarette is Empty?

Once you see a blinking light on your puff e-cigarette, it is empty and no longer contains enough e-liquid. If you have a refillable puff, you can refill it with the e-liquid of your choice. Otherwise, you will need a new puff cigarette.

Disposable Puff Electronic Cigarettes vs Refillable Puffs: What’s the Difference?

X-Bar has designed two puff e-cigarettes: a disposable and a refillable model, to ensure we offer the right vape for every vaper. To choose between the two models and find the right puff e-cigarette for you, check out the related articles on our website!

The Duration of a Disposable Puff Cigarette

Our Click & Puff Pod is a disposable electronic cigarette pre-filled with enough e-liquid for 650 puffs. To enjoy it, simply insert the pod of your choice.

Enjoy many flavours, such as:

How Long Does a Refillable Puff Cigarette Last?

The Click & Puff Kit is a range of refillable electronic cigarettes. Delivered with a pre-filled dose of e-liquid, you simply refill it once the liquid is gone. With our kit, you can enjoy 1300 puffs before needing to add more e-liquid. Discover our wide selection of e-liquids on our online puff bar.

The Click & Puff cigarette battery comes with a 500 mAh battery life. It is easy to recharge: just plug your puff cigarette into a USB-C port. Once the indicator light turns off, your puff is charged and ready to be enjoyed again.


How Can I Know How Much E-liquid is Left in a Puff Cigarette?

If you detect a change in the taste of the e-liquid, it means your puff cigarette is almost empty. The blinking LED light indicates that the e-liquid reservoir is empty and that your puff is finished.

When is a Puff E-Cigarette Empty?

A puff cigarette is empty once there is no more e-liquid. If you have a disposable electronic cigarette model, you will need to buy a new puff once the old one is empty. If your e-cigarette is refillable, simply insert a new X-Bar e-liquid cartridge to refill it and start enjoying it again.

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