Where to dispose of your puff?

Although electronic cigarettes are an increasingly popular solution for quitting tobacco, they are often criticised for their carbon footprint and environmental impact. But did you know that you can recycle your e-cigarette once it’s finished? 


Stop keeping your used e-cigarettes in your drawers, and find out where to recycle your single-use disposable puffs with X-Bar


The Puff E-cigarette, a Type of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)


Disposable puffs, like conventional electronic cigarettes, are considered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) by the 2003 European directive, in the same way as electric shavers, external batteries, or food mixers. These types of WEEE contain environmentally harmful components like batteries but their materials, such as metals or plastic, are highly recyclable. 


In France and in Europe, it is illegal to discard disposable or reusable electronic cigarettes in household waste. They should be taken instead to a recycling point. 


Recycling Your Puff E-cigarette at a Waste Collection Centre

You can visit your local waste collection centre to dispose of your empty puff or worn-out electronic cigarette.


Throwing Away Your E-cigarette’s Battery


If you have an electronic cigarette that can be dismantled, you simply need to separate it into its different components. If you can remove the battery from your puff e-cigarette, you must dispose of it in the small household appliances bin. It contains hazardous materials such as lithium and lead.


E-liquid bottles need to be disposed of as recyclable plastic packaging once they have been cleaned. 


Throwing Away Your Electronic Cigarette’s Heating Element


An e-cigarette’s heating element produces the required vapour by heating the e-liquid. If your heating element no longer functions and you have an unscrewable electronic cigarette model, you can replace the heating element. Otherwise, you will need a new e-cigarette. 


To dispose of your puff e-cigarette’s heating element, you can visit your local waste collection centre, which will recycle the metals it contains.  


If you have a puff e-cigarette that does not unscrew, you can also dispose of it at a local waste centre: the experts there will tell you which is the most appropriate container for this type of waste. 


Recycling Your Puff E-cigarette at a Collection Point in Town


Many local shops also have recycling bins for electronic devices, which are free to use and require no purchase. To find collection points near you, visit recycle your electricals, a non-profit website. It’s easy to use: 

  • Enter your postcode on the homepage or the vape recycling page
  • Type vape when asked what item you have
  • Select recycle and show me my options


You will then find a list of the shops with recycling bins nearest you. Vapers no longer have to visit the waste collection centre to do their bit for the planet! 


Good to know: Recycle your electricals also shows you repair or donation solutions for all your electronic and electrical devices, as well as lightbulbs. 


You can also return your used puff e-cigarettes to a vape shop (a shop selling electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.) 


Refillable Disposable Puffs and Reusable Puffs: Eco-Responsible Solutions


Refillable Disposable Puffs

To enable you to enjoy a puff e-cigarette while opting for a reusable solution, X-Bar invented an eco-responsible solution that allows you to refill a disposable puff: the Click & Puff and the Mini Kit. 


The Click & Puff Disposable Puff E-cigarette


To refill your Click & Puff with e-liquid and enjoy an instant vaping experience, simply insert a pod prefilled with your choice of e-liquid flavour


The Mini Kit Disposable Puff E-cigarette 


The Mini Kit is a puff e-cigarette you can refill with e-liquid up to 7 times. When you receive your puff, you get a complete starter kit, including your electronic cigarette and a 10 ml e-liquid of your choice.


Once finished, you can dispose of your Click & Puff pods or Mini Kit at your nearest waste collection point.


Reusable Puff E-cigarettes


You can also opt for a reusable puff e-cigarette like the Oxa and the Filter Pro. 


The Oxa Electronic Cigarette 


The Oxa is a pocket-sized puff e-cigarette with a 900mAh battery and a 4 ml e-liquid reservoir. Available in 5 different colours, it comes with a small protective cap to prevent crumbs and dust from clinging to the mouthpiece. You simply need to recharge your electronic cigarette with a USB-C cable and fill it with the e-liquid of your choice once the previous refill is empty! 


The Filter Pro Electronic Cigarette 


Our Filter Pro electronic cigarette comes with a 400mAh battery and a refillable 2.5 ml e-liquid reservoir. Sold in 6 different colours, this puff e-cigarette comes with a 1600 mAh external battery, so you’ll never run out of power!  


Discover all of X-Bar’s puff e-cigarettes on our website. X-Bar offers convenient and ergonomic vaping solutions tailored to your needs. 



When Should I Dispose of My Puff E-cigarette?


If you have a refillable electronic cigarette, you only need to discard it if the damaged parts cannot be replaced. If you have a single-use puff e-cigarette, you can discard it once you’ve used up every puff of e-liquid it contains. However, it is important to know the duration of a puff to estimate when it will be finished. Nonetheless, it is forbidden to dispose of your puff e-cigarette in a rubbish bin, as it is considered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which contains harmful materials and substances. 


How Do I Know When My Puff E-cigarette Is Finished?


To find out if any puffs of e-liquid are left in your puff e-cigarette, rely on the LED indicator light. If the light is blinking, your puff is empty! If you have a refillable puff, you can add more e-liquid. Otherwise, you will have to dispose of your puff.

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