The Advantages of X-Bar Club Subscription

The Advantages of X-Bar Club Subscription

Science has reinvented smoking and developed the idea of vaping, something less harmful to the body and gives the user a relaxed feeling or sensation. A vape is also known as an e-cigarette. A vaping device is far cheaper and comes with a 2.2ml e-liquid pod containing different nicotine levels.

At X-Bar, we have a great variety of vaping products and different monthly X-Bar Club subscription packages that you can enjoy.

You will get many benefits from subscribing to the X-Bar club subscription monthly. But first of all, let’s talk about the types of X-Bar Club vape subscriptions available.

X-bar Packages Available

The X-Bar Club has two major monthly subscription packages with many flavors: the “Click and Puff Club” package and the “X-Bar 650 Club”. Let’s briefly look into these two packages and how much they cost.

Click and Puff Subscription

The Click and Puff Club focuses on reusable vape pens. After subscribing to this monthly package, you can choose flavours you will use on your reusable vape pen. Click n puff has a lot of unique flavors, each giving you a different and fantastic feeling. Below is the list of vape pods and their flavors available for you to enjoy in Click n Puff:

Depending on the quantities you choose to order, you will get discounts per cartridge:

  • Silver – between 5 and 9 cartridges per month (-0.5€/cartridge)
  • Gold – between 10 and 14 cartridges per month (-1.0€/ cartridge)
  • Platinum – from 15 cartridges (-1.5€/ cartridge)

X-Bar 650 Subscription

Club X-Bar 650 allows you to purchase single-use vape pens. Club X-Bar 650 also comes with exquisite flavors, and below is the list of available flavors you can enjoy:

Subscribing to this monthly plan will allow you to customize the quantity and flavors you want before delivery. And you should mix a higher quantity because it’s more cost-effective than getting smaller quantities.

Depending on the quantities you choose to order, you will get discounts per vape pen:

  • Silver – between 5 and 9 vape pens per month (-1€/vape pen)
  • Gold – between 10 and 14 vape pens per month (-1.5€/vape pen)
  • Platinum – from 15 vape pens (-2€/vape pen)

Advantages of X-Bar Club Subscription

You have many benefits to enjoy when you subscribe to any of the monthly X-Bar Club packages.

Home deliveries every month

Once you have subscribed, you can relax at home, and the X-Bar Club will deliver your customized vape order to you every month, so you don’t have to look for a refill. You don’t have to pass through any form of stress, and the most amazing part is that you get new vapes at the end of the month before the previous ones finish.

Customize your vape

Every month, you save yourself the time and stress of going to physical stores and mixing different flavors by subscribing to these packages.

Buy more, get a lower price

As a regular vape user, you get a price reduction if you buy in higher quantities monthly. When you order many flavors at once, you get a bigger price cut than when you order each separately.

Cancel your subscription anytime

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want to change your flavor mix. You don’t have to stress about going to any office; cancel and reorder within a few minutes.

A monthly subscription to vape products might be something you have not tried before, but it saves you the time and stress of getting the vapes you want from stores every month and lets you do it all from the comfort of your home.

A trial with a monthly subscription may convince you to continue buying vape products from the comfort of your home.

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