Vape Maintenance: How To Take Care of Your Vape?

Vape Maintenance: How To Take Care of Your Vape?

Vape pens are known for longevity because of their refillable e-liquid and rechargeable battery. But despite being built strong, vape pens only last as well as you care for them. And caring for a vape pen is relatively easy, provided you know what to look out for.

Vape maintenance involves storing the pen right and cleaning it carefully. When cleaning a vape pen, you should be careful of its battery and heating coil. There are many things about vape pen maintenance that, if done right, increase the shelf life of your pen. This article shares some maintenance tips about e-liquid, cleaning vape pens, and storing them.


Does e-liquid expire?

One common misconception many vape lovers make is thinking e-liquid doesn’t expire. E-liquid expires, although they have a long shelf life. Typically, an e-liquid can last as long as two years after its manufacturing date.

When shopping for e-liquid but you’re concerned about the expiration date, keep an eye out for ingredients like nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol degrades the least naturally, whereas vegetable glycerin does not retard degradation.

Aside from looking at its ingredients, how you store the e-liquid can also impact its longevity. For example, after opening the e-liquid its shelf life drops to about six months. Also, keeping the e-liquid open to direct sunlight can cause it to degrade faster.

Similarly, keeping it in a hot temperature environment will also cause it to break down. It would help if you kept e-liquid in its original bottle, designed to prevent oxidation.


How to store a vape pen?

Now that you know the e-liquid’s expiration date, let’s talk about how to store a vape pen. There are three main elements to be cautious of when storing a vape pen: heat, light, and air. Below are some tips you should consider when storing a vape pen.

●      Stand it upright

The first thing about storing vape pens is the position in which you store them. It would help if you always stored your vape pen upright. The mouthpiece of the vape pen should be facing upwards. The upright position for storing vape pens is essential because the device could leak, or dust and dirt could get into it.

●      Keep away from dust

Another thing you should be cautious about is dust. It has been the number one cause of many vape pen damage. As such, when you want to store your vape pen, please keep it away in a location that is dust free. You can get a box for your vape pen that protects it from dust or even physical damage, such as dropping it. This box can be simple as long as it offers efficient protection.

●      Store at room temperature

Also, it would help if you were cautious about the temperature at which you store the vape pen. The ideal temperature to store vape pens is room temperature. So, it would help if you stored the pen away from direct exposure to sunlight. It would help if you also kept it always from a heat source. This caution protects elements in the vape pen, like the battery and e-liquid, from deteriorating.

How to clean a vape pen?

If you want to enjoy your vape pen to the fullest, then cleaning the vape pen should be part of your maintenance routine. If you don’t clean your vape pen and want to try out a new flavor, the taste of the last one will obscure the experience.

Aside from this disruption, not cleaning your vape pen will also cause it to have a short lifespan. To get the most out of your vape pen, you should clean it at least once every few weeks at the very least. Below are some tips on how to clean a vape pen.

1.     Disassemble the vape pen

The first step to cleaning a vape pen is to disassemble it. Most vape pens are threaded together. So gently unscrew them apart. If you need to learn how to disassemble your vape pen, research the construction of your model. Learn about the battery, tank, atomizer, mouthpiece, and button construction.

2.    Clean each component

After taking the vape pen apart, proceed to clean each component. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean each part carefully. Remember to clean the tank as well.

3.    Allow drying

After cleaning each part thoroughly, set each part aside to dry properly. Please keep the parts in a well-aerated room, away from dust or other impurities.

4.    Reassemble the vape pen

After the parts are dried, go ahead to reassemble the vape pen. Be careful when reassembling the pen, so it does not overtighten it. Also, be cautious when filling the tanks with e-liquid.


Overall, vape maintenance is easier than you might have imagined. All it takes is to pay close attention to sensitive parts of the pen. Also, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule goes a long way in ensuring the vape pen remains in good condition.

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