The Ultimate Beginner’s Vaping Guide

The Ultimate Beginner’s Vaping Guide

Smoking gets a lot of bad press. While this bad press is not entirely untrue, there is a way to smoke and still negate the negative aspects of smoking. This way is vaping, which is way different from smoking cigarettes, or other types of substances.

As a beginner new to vaping, you will have many questions. For example, you may wonder what vaping is in the first place or what benefits it offers. These questions and more are what we will elaborate on in this article.


What is vaping?

You need to know two things about vaping – a vape pen and an e-liquid. Vaping is otherwise known as an e-cigarette, and it works differently from a cigarette. The vape pen comprises a heating element, a battery, and a mouthpiece. The e-liquid is what you put in the vape pen to produce the flavor, nicotine, or any other element you crave.

Unlike smoking, which produces real smoke harmful to the liver and surroundings, vaping does not produce any smoke. The way vaping works is that an atomizer in the e-liquid tank and the heating element in the vape pen converts the e-liquid into a vapor of nicotine or any other substance in the e-liquid.

You may even wonder if you would still get the same nicotine hit. By vaping, you can still get that same nicotine hit while staying away from the harmful substance of smoking. As such, vaping offers several benefits compared to smoking cigarettes.


What are the benefits of vaping?

If you are contemplating whether to vape, perhaps learning about the benefits will help you make a more informed choice. Below are some of the benefits associated with vaping.

●      Cost efficient

Unlike smoking cigarettes, vaping is more cost-efficient. It may not seem like it at first, as the cost of a vape pen is often more than a pack of cigarettes. But the difference lies in the long-term use. Some vape pens are rechargeable, so they are an investment if you smoke frequently. With the rechargeable vape pen, all you have to get is an e-liquid refill.

●      Safer than smoking

Another stand-out benefit of vaping is that it is much safer than smoking. Smoking produces harmful smoke that is bad for the body when inhaled. In contrast, vaping does not produce any smoke because it uses e-liquid. This e-liquid produces steam that is easily absorbed and broken down by the body.

●      No noxious odors

One of the downsides of smoking is that it produces a noxious odor. As such, after smoking, your breath, house, clothes, car, and so on would have a burnt tobacco smell. Walking in public smelling like burnt tobacco can leave a stigma on you. But if you choose to vape over smoking, you can vape all day and not deal with any left-over noxious odor, as vaping does not produce smoke.

●      Regulates nicotine intake

If you worry that your nicotine intake from smoking is excessive, one of the best ways to get complete control over it is by vaping. There is a variety of e-liquid with different strengths of nicotine. There are even e-liquids that are free of nicotine. As such, you can choose exactly how much nicotine you want in your vape.

How to start vaping?

Below are some tips to help you get started with vaping as a beginner.

●      Rechargeable or non-rechargeable

It would help if you choose whether you want a rechargeable or non-rechargeable vape kit. A rechargeable vape kit is such that you can recharge the battery when low. Whereas a non-rechargeable vape kit is such that when the battery is low, you must dispose of it.

●      Choosing an e-liquid

Finally, you have to decide on the type of e-liquid to use. When choosing an e-liquid, there are three things to have at the back of your mind, flavor, nicotine strength, and thickness.


Overall, getting into vaping as a beginner is easier than you think. While the whole terminology may seem new to you, it is easy to understand. You should also not feel too skeptical about trying out new things when getting into vaping for the first time.

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