How many puffs does my e-cigarette have?

How many puffs does my e-cigarette have?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of offerings regarding vape pens. Disposable and reusable vape pens have entered the market, and their presence is increasing.

This availability of vaping devices comes from years of evolution and progress, leading to an ever-decreasing production cost. The final result is what we have today: high-quality devices at low prices. Besides that, modern vaping devices allow for a very easy and convenient experience compared to older devices.

Vaping used to be a hobby because of the work it entailed to make sure the devices were working properly. At X-BAR, we believe everyone should be able to vape, no matter how much time they have. That is why our products are so easy to use and do not require you to know how the system works. With our products, you need only to open the package and start vaping. It is that simple!

This simplification and evolution of vaping devices made it possible for many people to begin their vaping adventures. However, since these devices come with pre-filled vaping pods, some may need clarification on how long their device will hold. “How many puffs does my vape pen have?” is a question we often hear, hence the creation of this article.

Come with us to find out more about your X-BAR vaping pen!


X-BAR 650

Our X-BAR 650 selection is our most successful due to the convenience of disposable pens. These are 650 puff vape pens, just like the name indicates.

Our X-BAR 650 disposables come with 2ML of e-liquid in their atomizer. Because of their high resistance of 1.7 Ohm, they consume very little e-liquid per puff while creating a decent vapor cloud. Even though we rate these at 650 puffs, the number may vary depending on how you vape. Vapers who take shorter draws will have a higher number of puffs when compared to someone who takes longer draws.

From our experience, and according to our client’s reports, the X-BAR 650 can last between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on how heavily you use them.



Like the X-BAR 650, the CLICK & PUFF KITS also come with 2ML pre-filled pods. The big difference between the 650 and the CLICK & PUFF is that the latter comes with a rechargeable battery, and you can swap the e-liquid pods.

The CLICK & PUFF are also rated for 650 puffs, but you can swap the e-liquid pod anytime. This means that you could have, for example, more than 1 pod with you and change the e-liquid whenever you feel like vaping a different flavor or with a different level of nicotine.



If you are looking for something longer than our previous offerings, we present the X-BAR BOX to you. The BOX line is our second largest in terms of e-liquid capacity. These disposable vapes have a more open airflow and include our new MESH COIL resistance, creating our best-tasting vape device. We are very proud of this line.

This line has a distinct design that is slick and stealthy. We love it.

The X-BAR BOX holds 11 ML of juice and is rated for around 4000 puffs! This is a great option for anyone who knows exactly what vape flavor and nicotine strength they like.

Since this device will last long, you must recharge its battery once depleted. When the e-liquid is over, dispose of the device at an appropriate electronic device recycling bin.



Last but not least, our X-BAR MAX selection. This is our largest device to date. It holds a massive 16 ML of e-liquid. Yes, you read that right, 16 ML… this one is only for those who truly and unequivocally know what they like and want.

We rate the X-BAR MAX at 6500 puffs! 10 times more than our standard X-BAR 650 offerings. Despite its size, we consider the MAX line to have a sexy design with elegant curves. Not only that, but this is a very comfortable device to use and hold, especially because of its size.

The MAX line comes with the same internal technology and airflow as the X-BAR BOX, making them super tasty.

Since this device will last long, you must recharge its battery once depleted. When the e-liquid is over, dispose of the device at an appropriate electronic device recycling bin.



Now that you know about our vape pens, you can make a more informed decision before purchasing your next vape pen!

We advise the smaller devices to those still searching for their favorite flavor and nicotine strength, while the larger devices are advised to those who are sure about their taste already.

With so many offerings, we know one of our devices will be perfect for you. Start browsing our shop to find the one that suits you the best!

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