Club X-Bar Event May 7

What an exceptional day!

On Sunday May 7, our privileged partners were invited to a brunch in an exceptional place “Mademoiselle Mouche” for the exclusive presentation of our new products.

The X-BAR team thanks you very much for your participation in our first X-BAR event. Your participation was essential to the success of this event. We had agreed to meet on the unmissable Rooftop Mademoiselle Mouche. Located in the heart of Paris, and benefiting from an exceptional exposure, X-BAR has welcomed you to the best Parisian spot facing the Eiffel Tower. During this day, we had the opportunity to present our new products:

The X-SHISHA, the shisha of the future, 100% electronic that breaks the codes of traditional shisha with its sleek design and innovative concept 🔥
The  FILTER PRO : A refillable, practical and elegant cigarette for quality vape aficionados 💨
The Click & Puff Menthe X-TREME ❄️
The Click & Puff Framboise Soda 🍓
The Click & Puff Raisin Mangue 🍇🥭
The Click & Puff Pamplemousse 🍊
The X-BAR 650 Vanille Macadamia 🍦

We started the day with a delicious brunch and cocktail made by the caterer Kaspia. The guests were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of the X-SHISHA, which managed to reproduce the sensation of smoking without the disadvantages of tobacco and charcoal. This day was also an opportunity to discover Dok Uv, our street artist, who allowed a guest to win one of his works! And was also present the saxophonist Antoine Madet, alias Saxophono, who offered us a high-flying show to accompany our day.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution and your many feedback, especially on the X-SHISHA, the star of the day! Our team works a lot to satisfy your desires as much as possible and regularly offer you new quality products. We appreciated your presence and your unwavering support. 😎⚡️

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.