How to Make Smoke Rings with Vapour?

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Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, partly because it allows vapers to exhale a dense and fragrant cloud of vapour

Learn how to make smoke rings in the air to add some fun to your vaping experience and impress those around you! Vapour rings, also known as vape tricks, have become a fascinating art form in the world of electronic cigarettes. 

In this article, X-Bar will explain all of the techniques, tips, and settings to make perfect rings of vapour.


The Basics of Perfect Smoke Rings with Electronic Cigarette Vapour

To create smoke rings with an electronic cigarette, start by inhaling a large puff of vapour. Then, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. 

Next, make an “O” shape with your lips and slowly blow the vapour out of your mouth, using your throat to expel the air. You’ll need to open your lips the right way to form perfect rings, which can take time to master. 

Then blow out the vapour from your throat in fits and starts, like small coughs. This will allow you to make multiple rings of perfectly formed vapour. It’s crucial not to take too strong or too fast a puff, as this risks dissipating the vapour.

Another method exists for beginner vapers. Gently tap your cheeks with your fingers to expel the vapour from your mouth while holding your lips in an “O” shape. This technique will help you form clear smoke rings. This method is one of the easiest, but it still requires regular practice before you can master it completely. 


Advanced Techniques for Creating Pressure and Making Rings

Once you’ve mastered the basic vaping techniques, you can move on to the next level and perfect your vape tricks.

To add a retro effect, all you have to do is move your tongue forward a little, leaving it tilted downwards when the air is about to escape. To impress your friends even more, make your vapour rings last longer by quickly raising your lower jaw as you exhale the vapour rings.

Once your rings are perfectly round and precise, you can change the shape of your lips as you exhale to vary the size of your vapour rings. The rings are tied to the size of your mouth and the force you use to exhale the smoke. Once you’ve got the basic idea, practise moving your lips and working your lungs to produce different-sized rings. 

Now that you know how to make basic vapour rings, you can try more complex vape tricks like the “tornado” or the “French inhale.” There are many articles and tutorials online that will show you how to do them. 


Choosing the Right E-liquid and E-cigarette Settings for Perfect Smoke Rings

To achieve stable, well-defined smoke rings, choosing an e-liquid with a higher vegetable glycerine (VG) content than propylene glycol is essential. In addition to helping produce large clouds of vapour, vegetable glycerine softens the hit (the scraping sensation at the back of the throat) so that the vapour flows more smoothly through your lungs. 

A liquid with a VG content of 70 to 80% (or even 100%) is perfectly suitable. The thicker the vapour, the denser and clearer your rings will be. It’s also advisable to use an e-liquid containing little to no nicotine. That way, there’s no risk of coughing from a hit that’s a bit too strong.


Techniques for Mastering Vapour Rings 

To help vapers master the art of making vapour rings, X-Bar offers its latest practical and technical advice: 

  • Control your breath: a smooth, even breath is essential to create perfect vapour rings. Try to blow out slowly and concentrate on the regularity of your exhale. 
  • Take large puffs of vapour using a powerful electronic cigarette with a 25W battery or larger
  • Vape with a heating element under 1 ohm, also known as a “sub-ohm.” The lower the ohm rating of a heating element, the more vapour it produces and the easier it is to create vapour rings. But use your device carefully. To produce beautiful clouds of vapour, choose a heating element between 0.4 and 0.6 ohms.
  • Opt for an electronic cigarette with an airflow reservoir or open the airflow to the maximum if your reservoir allows you to adjust the draught
  • If your electronic cigarette allows it, use a larger drip-tip



Does an E-cigarette’s Power Affect Its Ability to Create Vapour Rings?

Yes, the power of an electronic cigarette has a real effect on a vaper’s ability to create smoke rings. So, you will want to choose a powerful e-cigarette capable of producing dense, consistent vapour. The more vapour the vape produces in one puff, the clearer and more plentiful your rings will be.


How Does the Choice of Atomiser Influence Vapour Ring Production?

The choice of atomiser influences vapour ring production as this component is responsible for vaporising the e-liquid. It’s generally located between the reservoir (or tank) and the drip-tip (or mouthpiece) of your electronic cigarette. Choosing an atomiser that accepts low resistances (sub-ohm) and high power helps produce large clouds of vapour.

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