Discover X-Bar X-Shisha, A Completely New Way to Vape

The X-Bar X-Shisha is the next generation of electronic Shisha. This futuristic Shisha combines design and ease of use to offer all vaping enthusiasts an extraordinary experience for one or two people.

Thanks to the device’s multicoloured LEDs, you can create a relaxed atmosphere in any colour you like. Discover a vaping experience never before seen in the world of electronic cigarettes with X-Bar!


X-Shisha: An Electronic Shisha Unlike Any Other

X-Bar offers the ideal formula for electronic Shisha users with the X-Shisha. Its unique vaping system was designed to recreate the sensations of a traditional Shisha, without the nicotine. This revolutionary device also offers a number of advantages over a classic electronic Shisha. Keep reading to find out more! 


A User-Friendly Vaping Experience for Everyone

The X-Shisha can be used by two people at a time, allowing you to share a moment of relaxation with the person of your choice. Using the X-Shisha this way ensures a pleasant moment enhanced by the strip of LED lights at the device’s base. 

Whether you’re a traditional Shisha smoker or an electronic cigarette vaper, discover a new way to vape and enjoy a fantastic light show. You can also enjoy this innovative system on your own. Use the box to choose your favourite colour and create the atmosphere of your choice. 


Practical and Elegant Design for Everyday Use

Made from quality materials, the X-Shisha has a sleek, modern design. This lightweight and easily dismantled device weighs just 620 grams, so you can take it anywhere easily, wherever you go. 


The black housing is also customisable thanks to the strip of LEDs at the base of the device. The X-Bar X-Shisha combines practicality with the style of an attractive design!


A Powerful Battery for an Extended Vaping Experience

Enjoy a long-lasting experience thanks to the X-Shisha’s 3000 mAh battery. The powerful battery guarantees hours and hours of continuous vaping. It’s easy to recharge, too, thanks to the USB-C port. For maximum battery life, be sure to charge the battery completely before beginning your vaping session.   


A Variety of X-Shisha Flavours

X-Bar has created 8 different flavour pods specially designed for the X-Shisha. In order to offer a complete, ready-to-use product, X-Shisha comes with 2 pods: Chloro Mint and Cola. You can also discover other flavours on X-Bar’s website, like Blueberry, Mango, Red Fruits, Double Apple, and Grape, for fans of fruity vapes and fantastic flavours!


We also offer flavours inspired by your favourite drinks, such as Energy Drink and Fizzy Cola. Each pod contains 7ml of premium quality e-liquid for 3,000 puffs of intense nicotine-free pleasure! You can change pods any time you like. Simply insert them into the magnetic slot. It’s simple and effective! 


Take Your Vape on the Go with X-Bar X-Shisha

One of the major advantages of the X-Bar X-Shisha is its compact size (20x20x5 cm), making it easy to carry discretely in your handbag or satchel. It’s so easy to use you can enjoy a relaxing solo or duo session in just a few seconds

For a flawless vaping experience with X-Shisha, simply press the button for three seconds and place the pods in the dedicated slots, depending on whether you’re by yourself or with a friend. Next, just insert the tubes and inhale. Thanks to the pod’s magnetic recharging system, getting started is quick and intuitive. Already out of battery? Don’t worry. Thanks to the USB-C port, charging time is short, and you’ll quickly reach maximum charge. 



Why Buy the X-Bar X-Shisha?

If you’re looking for vaping innovation, you’ll likely enjoy the X-Shisha. Its multicoloured LED system adds a pleasant atmosphere to your Shisha sessions, whether you’re alone or with a friend. Portable, easy to use, and equipped with a long-lasting battery, the X-Shisha ensures a pleasant, long-lasting experience, alone or in good company! 


Is the X-Bar X-Shisha Appropriate for Beginner Vapers?

For beginner vapers, it’s advisable to start with a conventional electronic cigarette and then gradually migrate to an electronic Shisha. However, if making clouds of vapour appeals to you, the X-Shisha’s ease of use makes it suitable for beginner vapers.

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.