Which Electronic Cigarette Is Best for Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking can often be a real challenge, but over the years, many devices have been developed to help you quit, including the electronic cigarette. This solution has rapidly established itself as a popular alternative for those looking to give up traditional tobacco. This small revolution in healthcare has sparked growing interest by offering a less harmful approach to reducing or eliminating nicotine dependency. 

Using an electronic cigarette, often called “vaping”, allows smokers to satisfy their nicotine needs while avoiding the many harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. 

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Why Use an Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking? 

Using an electronic cigarette to quit smoking offers several advantages for those looking to end their tobacco dependency: 

  • Reduced health risks: Electronic cigarettes don’t contain the vast majority of harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. By opting for an e-cigarette, you considerably reduce the risks associated with smoking, such as lung cancer or respiratory illness.
  • Nicotine control: Electronic cigarettes offer the possibility to adjust the level of nicotine, enabling smokers to gradually reduce their consumption for a gentle withdrawal from tobacco.
  • Habit management: E-cigarettes mimic the same gestures and rituals of smoking, helping smokers overcome the behavioural aspects of their addiction.
  • Savings: In the long term, vaping is less expensive than smoking, which is an added incentive to quit smoking.


How to Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking?

Choosing the right vape is a crucial step in the process of giving up smoking. A multitude of vaping device options are available to smokers wanting to swap traditional cigarettes with electronic ones.


Figure out what kind of vaper you are

Vaper profiles can vary considerably depending on habits, motivations, and personal preferences. Here are some of the most common types of vapers:

  • The transitioning smoker uses electronic cigarettes as a way to gradually reduce their consumption of traditional cigarettes to quit tobacco altogether.
  • The former smoker is a typical smoker who has successfully quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes.
  • The social vaper vapes mainly in the company of other people, such as at social events.
  • The health-conscious vaper has adopted the electronic cigarette as a less harmful alternative to tobacco and is concerned about its effects on their health.
  • The stressed-out vaper: For some, vaping can be a way to deal with stress and anxiety, thanks to its calming effects.

It’s important to point out that each individual is unique, and vaper profiles can evolve over time depending on individual needs and experiences.


Which Electronic Cigarette to Choose: Model, Shape, Size?

Choosing the right type of electronic cigarette depends on your needs and vaping goals. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Compact pods: Compact pods are ideal if you’re looking for a discrete and easy-to-use e-cigarette.
  • Aerial or tight puff electronic cigarettes: The type of puff determines the mouthfeel and amount of vapour produced.


Choosing an Electronic Cigarette Based on Your E-liquid’s Nicotine Level

Your choice of electronic cigarette should be closely linked to the nicotine content in your e-liquid because this will influence how you feel and manage your nicotine dependency. If you’re a regular smoker, start with an e-cigarette that mimics the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette as closely as possible. Pods are an appropriate option. For those hoping to reduce their nicotine intake, you can opt for a more versatile electronic cigarette, offering the possibility to adjust the strength and quantity of vapour produced. 


The Importance of Inhalation Style When Choosing Your Electronic Cigarette 

Vaping inhalation style is another crucial consideration. There are two main styles:

  • Direct Inhalation (DL – Direct Lung): Vapers inhale the vapour directly into their lungs, like a deep breath of air
  • Indirect Inhalation (MTL – Mouth to Lung): This technique involves first taking vapour into the mouth before then inhaling it into the lungs


Other Key Factors in Choosing Your Electronic Cigarette: Battery, Reservoir, and Heating Element

In addition to inhalation type, three key elements to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette are the battery, the reservoir, and the heating element:

  • The battery powers your electronic cigarette. It is essential for warming the heating element and vaporising the e-liquid. A large-capacity built-in battery offers longer battery life, whereas removable batteries allow for easy replacement of worn-out batteries.
  • The reservoir is where the e-liquid is stored. Your choice of reservoir depends on your preference for e-liquid capacity and ease of refilling.
  • The heating element is a small metal coil that heats the e-liquid to transform it into vapour. Heating elements have different electrical resistance values that affect the amount of vapour and heat they produce, and the mouthfeel.

For an optimal vaping experience, make sure that these three elements work well together and meet your specific needs.


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What Are the Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes offer several advantages over traditional cigarettes:

  • Reduced health risks
  • Nicotine control
  • Less smell and smoke
  • A variety of flavour options 
  • Savings


How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work?

An electronic cigarette works by vaporising e-liquid, which is then inhaled by the user. 


It comes with a battery which powers the device and heats the heating element, which is a small metal coil in the electronic cigarette’s reservoir. When the battery is activated, it sends electricity to the heating element, warming it up quickly. Once the heating element heats up, it transforms e-liquid into vapour.


The user inhales the vapour created by the vape, producing a similar sensation to a traditional cigarette. When the user exhales, the vapour is expelled from their lungs, recreating the sensation of smoking minus the harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke.

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.