Why Is My Electronic Cigarette Heating Up?

Have you challenged yourself to quit smoking? Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, are devices commonly used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They offer a tar-free and carbon emissions-free experience that is less harmful to your health. However, you need to follow a few rules when vaping to avoid overheating your electronic cigarette, damaging its components, and getting a burnt taste in your mouth. 


Find out why your electronic cigarette is heating up and how to use it properly with X-Bar.


The Reasons Why Your Electronic Cigarette Is Heating Up

It’s normal for an electronic cigarette to heat up as the heating element produces heat to vaporise the e-liquid. However, if the battery or clearomiser becomes extremely hot, it can damage your device. While an electronic cigarette can also overheat due to a manufacturing defect, the problem is often caused by incorrect use

The most common causes of abnormal heating in electronic cigarettes include:

  • A charging problem: It’s possible that the junction box doesn’t meet the recommended charging value or that you’re incorrectly angling your electronic cigarette. 
  • A prolonged vaping session: The clearomiser can overheat due to “chain vaping” or overusing your electronic cigarette. 
  • Too high a wattage: If you have a variable wattage (VW) electronic cigarette, too high a wattage can cause the clearomiser to overheat.
  • Exposure to sunlight: The materials the electronic cigarette is made from, such as metal, plastic, or lithium, can take on heat and cause abnormal heating when subjected to high temperatures.


The Role of Wattage and Electrical Resistance on Temperature

If your electronic cigarette has a variable wattage setting, it’s critical not to choose too high a wattage for your device. The wattage modifies the e-liquid’s heating power by applying more watts to the heating element. 

If the wattage is too high, the heating element accelerates the flow of electrons and accumulates thermal energy, and that heat then spreads to the clearomiser, battery, or drip tip. Your e-liquid may also have a burnt taste, a phenomenon known as a “dry hit.” On the other hand, if you lower the e-cigarette’s electrical resistance below the recommended wattage, the e-liquid could leak.

That’s why it’s important to refer to the ideal power range provided in the instructions for your electronic cigarette or on the heating element to avoid damaging your device. 


The Importance of Maintaining Your Electronic Cigarette and Keeping It Clean

Maintaining your vape is also important to prevent it from overheating. It can accumulate dust and small crumbs over time.


Make sure to clean the drip tip before each use, remove any dust that has built up on the clearomiser or the other electronic cigarette components with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol, and change the heating element when necessary.


How to Avoid the Risk Of Electronic Cigarette Overheating?

For a smooth vaping experience and to avoid the risks associated with overheating your electronic cigarette, its battery, and heating element, be careful to:

  • Charge the battery of your electronic cigarette on your internet box or your TV via the USB port and make sure that the “out-gassing holes” are not covered.
  • If possible, charge your electronic cigarette’s batteries with an external charger
  • Give your electronic cigarette time to cool down and re-absorb the e-liquid between each use. If necessary, you can increase the nicotine dosage to limit puffing.
  • Keep your electronic cigarette in a dark, well-ventilated place if you’re in a confined space, such as in a car.
  • Use a good quality electronic cigarette.



Why Should You Never Expose Your Electronic Cigarette to Sunlight?

Exposing your electronic cigarette to sunlight can cause its materials to overheat. Metal, plastic, and lithium absorb heat, which can cause your device to overheat. E-liquids are also sensitive to heat. Sun exposure can alter the taste of e-liquids, make them leak from your vape, or degrade the quality of the nicotine.


How Do I Maintain My Device to Prevent Overheating?

To prevent your vape from overheating and avoid altering the lifespan of your electronic cigarette, make sure to clean your device regularly. In addition, following the manufacturer’s recommended wattage and recommendations for charging the battery are equally important habits to enjoy a quality vaping experience.

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