How does an electronic cigarette work?

How do electric cigarettes work

Many people are turning to electronic cigarettes to quit the smoking habit. The vapes do not incinerate material, they heat the e-liquid to controlled temperatures, which results in the creation of vapor that is inhaled by the user. This gives this device a load of advantages over traditional cigarettes.

If you are still intrigued about how vape systems work, sit back and let us explain.

What is a vape device?

A vape device is a portable device consisting of a battery, an atomizer (the e-liquid tank), a heating element and a mouthpiece. Vape devices can be reusable or single-use, usually made of metal and plastic. Vapes use e-liquids that can contain liquid nicotine and flavors. The e-liquids can be fully customized and can contain as many flavor combinations as you like, and you can even choose to vape a nicotine-free e-liquid.

The vape pens create vapor once the user presses the activation button or, in some cases, the device can be activated automatically by simply taking a puff from the mouthpiece. They are very easy to use.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes are mainly controlled, as their name suggests, by electronics. During the vaping process, vapor is produced by a heating component called a resistor, or coil, which is inside the atomizer and in direct contact with the e-liquid.

Once activated, the vape battery transfers energy to the resistor, heating it to very high temperatures in less than a second. The high temperature of the resistor is what vaporizes the e-liquid. The vapor produced by this is what the user inhales through the mouthpiece that sits atop the atomizer.

What is a pod vape? – A vape suitable for beginners

Most commonly, vaporizers have a long, pen-like appearance, hence the commonly used name “pen vaporizer”. They come in different styles and colors, and with different features. There are vape systems suitable for beginners, but there are also systems for advanced users. Beginner-friendly systems require little or no finicking; they are the easiest to use.

Beginner systems, or vape pod systems, are usually made up of a single metal piece that will include the battery, an atomizer – called a “cartridge” in pod systems – e-liquid and a mouthpiece. They can be single-use or reusable.

What are the benefits?



Reusable vape pods will only require you to change your cartridge (where the e-liquid is stored) once your current cartridge is empty. Some pod systems allow you to refill the cartridge with e-liquid, which means you wouldn’t have to buy a new cartridge once your current one is empty.

One-time use

Single-use vape capsules are meant to be discarded once the e-liquid is finished. Use it, finish it, recycle it and buy another one. No finicking, no stress, just enjoy your vape.

Reusable, single-use vape capsules have electronic protection systems that prevent the battery from using too much energy, making them very safe to use.

Available in pre-filled and refillable options, vape capsules have become the most common type of vape. These devices are the cheapest option in vaping, require the least amount of knowledge to use and are very easy to maintain.

Now that you understand vape capsules, let’s understand each of its components.

Atomizer or cartridge

This is a dedicated space to place your e-liquid. This is also where the resistor, or coil, is located. A cartridge is an atomizer that already comes with a resistor and e-liquid pre-installed; this is the simplest and cleanest system. Cartridges can be pre-filled or refillable for customizable e-liquid.

Atomizers, used in more complex vape systems, must be refilled by the user every time the e-liquid finishes, which can get messy, and they also require the user to replace the heating element from time to time.


The battery is often rechargeable and is used to power the heating element, creating the vapor. The battery life for each type of vape varies by manufacturer.

Power button

Most vaporizers have a single button that controls the on/off switch. Some vaporizers don’t even have a power button and are only activated once you draw on the mouthpiece.


The mouthpiece is attached to the top of the cartridge/atomizer for the user to draw in vapor. Some models may have sensors at the mouthpiece to detect when users are inhaling.

Overall, whether you’re an existing user or looking to choose a vape device, you are now well informed about the components of vape systems and how they work. So there’s nothing to worry about; switch to a vape today!


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