Why Can’t I Inhale From My Electronic Cigarette Anymore?

You’re using your electronic cigarette when you realise something is wrong. It’s no longer working, or at least not correctly. Unsure what the problem is or how to resolve it? There are a number of causes for electronic cigarette break down or malfunction: a problem with the heating element, the battery, or the e-liquid.

In this article, you’ll discover how to identify the problem with your electronic cigarette and how to fix it!


My Electronic Cigarette Is Clogged

When you inhale from your electronic cigarette, you may sometimes get the impression that it’s clogged. Very little vapour comes out, so the taste of the e-liquid is practically non-existent, and your need to vape goes unsatisfied. In most cases, a clogged electronic cigarette is caused by e-liquid leaking into the battery

To remedy this, all you need to do is unscrew your electronic cigarette, take a piece of kitchen roll and place it in the battery to try and recover as much of the e-liquid that could be clogging it as possible. 

If, despite your best efforts, you don’t succeed in unclogging it, you can visit a shop to ask the sales staff for help.


The Airflow Is Closed

The Airflow is a system that controls the flow of air on many clearomisers. It’s often shaped like a perforated ring and is used to adjust the volume of air entering the clearomiser.

When you adjust the airflow, keep in mind there are two types of inhalation:

  • Indirect inhalation: The airflow is almost closed, creating a sensation similar to a traditional cigarette, pushing the vaper to take a substantial drag on the e-cigarette.
  • Direct inhalation: If you’re looking for dense and airy vapour, you must open the airflow to allow more air to enter. 

If your electronic cigarette’s airflow is closed, it’s normal to find it difficult to puff on: try opening it by turning the adjustable ring!


My Electronic Cigarette Is Locked

Your electronic cigarette may be locked for 3 different reasons: the battery is low, you’ve pressed the lock button inadvertently, or the clearomiser is not screwed in properly.

There are 3 solutions to remedy a locked electronic cigarette:

  • If your e-cigarette battery is low, charge it. Sometimes, this can unlock your electronic cigarette. 
  • If you’ve accidentally pressed the lock button, press it again to unlock your electronic cigarette.
  • If the clearomiser is screwed in incorrectly, your electronic cigarette may have locked itself automatically to avoid leaks. Unscrew the clearomiser and screw it back in correctly. This should unlock your e-cigarette.


A Dirty Heating Element or Insufficient Wattage

A dirty heating element can be another reason your electronic cigarette isn’t working properly. Sometimes, one type of e-liquid can degrade your heating element faster than another, especially sweeter liquids. The sugar builds up on the heating element and crystallises, speeding its decay. The nicotine dosage of e-liquids can also cause degradation. E-liquids with a 20% dose of nicotine will be more corrosive to the heating element than liquids with 10%.

Similarly, the choice of wattage for your electronic cigarette can be a decisive factor depending on how you use it. If you want to create large, dense clouds of vapour, you should choose a more powerful e-cigarette than if you prefer to inhale the vapour directly. Find out the wattage of your current electronic cigarette, and research which kind is best suited to your use.


The Solution to Trouble Inhaling from Your E-cigarette

If you’re having trouble inhaling from your e-cigarette, a number of solutions can improve your vaping. First of all, check your battery charge: a low battery can cause problems drawing in air. Regularly clean your device to remove any e-liquid residue or dust that could clog the ducts. Also, check that the heating element is not worn out. A worn heating element can affect vapour production and ease of inhalation.

If the problem persists, try different power or airflow settings on your electronic cigarette to find the optimal setting. Sometimes, replacing certain faulty parts can also solve the problem.



How to Maintain an Electronic Cigarette?

To avoid breakdowns with your e-cigarette and prevent any unpleasant consequences (crackling sound, damaged heating element, a locked electronic cigarette, etc), keep a few things in mind:

  • Regularly clean your electronic cigarette
  • Change the heating element (every 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Recharge the battery
  • Check which e-liquid you’re using
  • Adjust the settings on your device to suit your preferences

How to Vape Properly with Your Electronic Cigarette?

Here is some advice to vape correctly with your electronic cigarette:

    • Find the electronic cigarette model that is best for you
    • Choose an e-liquid flavour you like and that you’ll enjoy in every puff, as well as a nicotine dosage suited to your vaping habits.
  • Control the length of your inhalation, between 4 to 6 seconds, depending on the e-cigarette model, to get the most out of your e-liquid flavour. 
  • Take breaks between each puff to avoid overloading the heating element of your e-cigarette and getting a burnt taste in your mouth, which can be very unpleasant. 

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