What Are the Best Rechargeable Puffs?

Choose A Rechargeable Puff

Since disposable puffs arrived on the market in 2021, an equally practical and inexpensive alternative has emerged: rechargeable and refillable puffs. Choose these reusable puffs for a high-quality, economical, eco-friendly vaping experience!

Discover our best models, including the X-Bar Click & Puff, X-Bar Filter Pro, and X-Bar Oxa! Here is our advice to help you choose the model that’s right for you.


What Is a Rechargeable Puff?

A rechargeable puff is an electronic device halfway between a disposable puff and a classic electronic cigarette. It maintains the practicality and simplicity of a disposable puff while including a rechargeable battery like an electronic cigarette.  

Unlike a disposable puff, you can recharge the battery with a USB-type C cable. The rechargeable puff includes a pre-filled e-liquid cartridge called a “pod”, and the flavours are available with or without nicotine. As the puff can be separated from its battery, you only need to replace the cartridge

Some rechargeable puff models do not have cartridges but a reservoir system you can fill with the e-liquid of your choice.


Why Buy a Rechargeable Puff?

If you want to reduce your puff budget and your environmental footprint at the same time, there are some excellent reasons to adopt this type of electronic cigarette.

The rechargeable puff is also perfect for people who are new to vaping, those looking for an easy transition away from smoking, or those who want to switch from disposable puffs. In fact, this more eco-friendly and economical alternative is available without nicotine, and its cartridge guarantees the same amount of flavour as e-cigarettes. 


How to Choose the Right Rechargeable Puff   

Several types of rechargeable puff are available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics, depending on the brand. Whether you’re a beginner vaper, an experienced vaper, or a smoker looking for a way to quit, find the right puff for you

Here’s an overview of the best rechargeable puffs on X-Bar’s site. Check out our articles now to find the top reusable puffs! 


Why Choose The X-Bar Click & Puff?

Wondering if this model is right for you? Discover the benefits of the X-Bar Click & Puff. This device offers a simplified vaping experience thanks to its Click & Puff technology.

The X-Bar Click & Puff also features a powerful and reliable 500 mAh battery that you can recharge via USB-C. Thanks to its reusable form factor, you can save money in the long term and help the planet by reducing plastic waste. 

This rechargeable puff also offers a wide variety of tastes (19 available flavours) and 3 nicotine levels.


Why Choose The X-Bar Filter Pro?

When it comes to rechargeable puffs, the X-Bar Filter Pro offers a host of benefits. This rechargeable puff comes with advanced technology like the MESH heating element, which produces more vapour. 

The Filter Pro is also compatible with a wide range of e-liquids for an ever-more varied vaping experience. Thanks to its 1600 mAh power bank, this puff offers long battery life so your vapour clouds keep their flavour all day long without needing to recharge your device.

To use it, simply fill your reservoir with e-liquid (with or without nicotine) and lightly press to take control of your vaping experience and adjust the intensity of your puffs


Why Choose The X-Bar Oxa?

The X-Bar Oxa rechargeable puff is a very practical model for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s compact. With its pocket-sized format, the Oxa reusable puff is very discrete. Its elegant metal finishes are available in 5 colours.

This rechargeable puff also has a removable, refillable cartridge containing the drip-tip mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. All you have to do is choose a flavour from the selection of cartridges on the X-Bar website. These cartridges have a 4 ml capacity and an integrated heating element.

Finally, the Oxa rechargeable puff guarantees perfect cleanliness with its protective cap that prevents dust from settling on the drip-tip.



What Is the Difference between The X-Bar Click & Puff and The Filter Pro?

The X-Bar Click & Puff is easy to use and very economical. These features make this reusable puff ideal for new vapers or smokers hesitating to switch to rechargeable electronic cigarettes. 

The X-Bar Filter Pro uses the same Click & Puff system but in a more sophisticated package. This rechargeable puff is designed for more experienced users and takes longer to learn than the Click & Puff. However, thanks to its advanced features, it offers a state-of-the-art vaping experience.

Enjoy remarkable power and discover new flavours thanks to key features like the magnetic power bank, quick-charge USB-C cable, and refillable e-liquid reservoir. With the X-Bar Filter Pro, you can explore a variety of tastes by choosing from the different e-liquids available on the X-Bar website. 

What Is the Difference between The X-Bar Click & Puff and The X-Bar Oxa?

The X-Bar Click & Puff stands out for its ease of use and compact size. Its intuitive design makes it ideal for those who are always on the go. The X-Bar Oxa is also designed for vapers seeking a space-saving, hassle-free puff. In fact, like disposable puffs, this reusable puff requires no setup before use! 

On the other hand, it offers a 900 mAh battery with more performance than the Click & Puff (500 mAh.) Finally, unlike a rechargeable puff such as the X-Bar Click & Puff, the X-Bar Oxa has a cap to ensure optimal cleanliness in all situations. 

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