Choosing the Right Electronic Cigarette

How to Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an effective device for people considering quitting smoking altogether or reducing their tobacco use. But which electronic cigarette should you choose?

X-Bar offers a guide to finding the best electronic cigarette!

Disposable or Refillable: Which Type of Electronic Cigarette Should You Choose?

There are two types of electronic cigarettes:

  • Disposable electronic cigarettes
  • Refillable electronic cigarettes

Single-use electronic cigarettes are often less expensive and easier to use but have a limited lifespan. Refillable electronic cigarettes are more expensive but have a longer lifespan and can be refilled as many times as you like.

For occasional use, you can choose a disposable electronic cigarette. However, a refillable electronic cigarette is a better choice for daily use.

From Box to Stick: Choose the Size of Your Electronic Cigarette

The size of an electronic cigarette is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a device. Electronic cigarettes can be small and discrete or large and powerful.

The smallest models are often lighter and easier to carry, whereas the larger ones can offer better battery life and more power. Are you looking for a discrete and easy-to-carry electronic cigarette? A compact electronic cigarette would be a great choice! Conversely, a larger electronic cigarette can provide a longer-lasting and more powerful vaping experience.

The Battery Capacity of Your Electronic Cigarette

It is crucial to consider the battery capacity when choosing your electronic cigarette because it determines the device’s operating time and how long the battery will last before needing a recharge. If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette for occasional use, a battery with a 650mAh capacity is sufficient. For more intensive daily use, choose a battery with a capacity of at least 1000mAh.

The Capacity of Your Electronic Cigarette’s Liquid Reservoir

The liquid reservoir is the place where you put the e-liquid. It determines the amount of e-liquid you can add. It also directly impacts the lifespan of your puff cigarette or electronic cigarette and how often you have to top it up. However, it is important to remain vigilant about e-cigarette leakage, as a poorly sealed or damaged reservoir can lead to inconveniences.

Depending on your use, choose a small 1 to 2 ml liquid reservoir for occasional use or a larger 2 to 4 ml reservoir if you’re a daily user.

Your Electronic Cigarette’s Resistance: For Direct or Indirect Inhalation

The coil resistance determines how much vapour an e-cigarette can produce. High-resistance coils produce less vapour and are often used for e-liquids low in nicotine. As for low-resistance coils, they produce more vapour and are intended for e-liquids with a higher nicotine content.

What is Direct Inhalation?

Direct inhalation is a vaping technique that involves inhaling the vapour produced by your electronic cigarette directly into your lungs. This entails taking a puff of vapour into your mouth and immediately inhaling it into your lungs like you would smoke a traditional cigarette. Direct inhalation is used more by experienced vapers looking to produce large clouds of vapour and get a more intense hit due to the rapid absorption of nicotine in the lungs.

What is Indirect Inhalation?

Indirect inhalation is another vaping technique which consists of first inhaling the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This technique is popular with beginners or smokers looking for a smoother vaping experience which is less irritating for the lungs. For indirect inhalation, you first inhale the vapour into your mouth and then gently and gradually draw it into your lungs. This allows you to enjoy the e-liquid flavours better as the vapour stays in the mouth for longer before inhaling.

If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette for direct inhalation, a high-resistance coil would be an appropriate choice. For indirect inhalation, opt for a lower coil resistance.

With or without Nicotine: Find the Right E-liquid for You

The e-liquid is the substance that you vape with your electronic cigarette. It is important to find the one that suits your preferences in terms of flavour and nicotine content. E-liquids are available in a variety of flavours, from fruit to desserts, and even tobacco flavours. If you’re looking to quit smoking, you can opt for an e-liquid with a high nicotine content which you can gradually reduce over time.

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X-Bar Electronic Cigarettes

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What Is The Most Reliable Electronic Cigarette?

The most reliable electronic cigarette is the one that suits your personal use. For a first purchase or occasional use, disposable puff cigarettes are the most reliable in terms of convenience, as they don’t require a refill. For frequent use, refillable e-cigarettes are one of the best choices for daily use.

What Is the Best Value Electronic Cigarette?

The best value for money in electronic cigarettes is undoubtedly the refillable e-cigarette. While it may seem expensive upfront, purchasing refill pods will save you significantly more money than buying disposable puff cigarettes.

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