Travelling with your electronic cigarette

How to Travel with Your Electronic Cigarette: The Complete Guide


Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have seen significant growth in recent years. 2.5% of France’s population were daily vapers in 2016, rising to 5.5% in 2022, according to figures from Public Health France. Do you use an electronic cigarette on a daily basis and want to bring it with you on far-flung travel adventures? It’s essential to know how to carry your electronic cigarette safely.  


Follow X-Bar’s practical advice to ensure your e-cigarette is adequately protected during your travels so you can enjoy your vaping experience with complete peace of mind!


Know the Current Travel Regulations


Start your vaping journey by getting familiar with the regulations in force in the country or region you are visiting. It’s important to comply with local laws to avoid any unpleasant situations and enjoy vaping with complete serenity. 


In 2022, 107 countries regulated or banned electronic cigarettes, according to Global Tobacco Control. Visit their site and use the search engine to find your destination country, and make sure you can bring your electronic cigarette with you and enjoy it in complete confidence!


Take Your E-cigarette Apart 


Before getting on the road, carefully take your e-cigarette apart. Remove the liquid reservoir, the battery or rechargeable batteries, and any other removable parts. Take the opportunity to replace your electronic cigarette’s heating element! This simple but important step helps protect your e-cigarette from leaks of electronic cigarettes and any damage caused by transport. By taking your electronic cigarette apart and cleaning it, you ensure the best possible vaping experience once you arrive at your destination. 


Use a Protective Cover


Give your e-cigarette the attention it deserves by investing in a quality protective cover. These specially designed covers provide robust protection against possible bumps, scratches, or other mishaps. Wrap your e-cigarette in a layer of safety so it stays in perfect condition during your journey. Opt for a padded cover adapted to the size of your e-cigarette for optimal comfort!


Safely Carrying E-liquids


If you decide to carry e-cigarette liquids with you when you travel, make sure to do so safely. Use bottles specially designed for transporting liquids, with leak-proof caps to prevent leaks. Make sure the bottles are tightly closed and store them in a resealable plastic bag for double protection against any spills. 


Prevent Battery Discharge


Your e-cigarette’s safety is paramount, especially when it comes to the battery. To avoid accidental discharges, remove the battery or rechargeable battery from the e-cigarette before setting off on your journey. Place them in a protective cover offering an effective barrier against any unwanted contact with metallic objects. By taking these precautions, you protect yourself against the risk of fire or electric shock and help maintain your electronic cigarette, leaving you free to travel with peace of mind!


Flying with an Electronic Cigarette


When you travel by plane, carry your electronic cigarette in your hand luggage rather than checked luggage. Keeping your e-cigarette with you avoids subjecting your e-cigarette to significant temperature variations in the baggage hold, which could damage it. To make sure you can bring your vaping companion on the plane, check the airline’s specific rules and conditions for carrying electronic cigarettes. You’ll be ready to enjoy your e-cigarette as soon as you arrive at your destination!


Pack Your Electronic Cigarette According to Current Regulations


For easier security checks, dismantle your e-cigarette entirely and store it in a completely sealed plastic bag or pouch. E-cigarette liquids are also subject to flammable liquid regulations and must comply with the applicable security rules. Most airlines require e-liquids to be carried by travellers in small-size (100 ml maximum) bottles, stored in a transparent resealable plastic bag conforming with aviation security regulations. 


Empty Your Electronic Cigarette Reservoir


When travelling by plane, you will experience the phenomenon of cabin pressurisation and depressurisation, which can affect your e-cigarette. To avoid leaks from the clearomiser caused by liquefied e-liquid, empty your clearomiser before take-off. If you are willing to risk not emptying it, you can carry it in a suitable cover and wrap it in absorbent paper. This will prevent your electronic cigarette from leaking while keeping it upright during the flight. 


With all of these tips, you will make it through security with no issues and enjoy your vaping experience in full compliance with the rules. Looking for an even more hassle-free travel companion than an electronic cigarette? Discover X-Bar’s disposable electronic cigarettes, which offer a convenient option for travel. They don’t need a reservoir or refilling as they are prefilled with liquid. This is an excellent opportunity to vape with a puff without the hassle of recharging.



Where Should I Store My Electronic Cigarette?


Keep your precious device within reach in your hand luggage. This way, you can ensure it is safe from any potential damage and keep an eye on it during your journey.


Can I Travel with My Electronic Cigarette?


The rules vary from one place to another, but in most countries, you can travel with your electronic cigarette with no major problems. However, check the specific regulations of the country you are visiting and the policies of your chosen airline. For those looking to make a good choice for their puff electronic cigarette, considering these regulations during your travels is important.


When travelling by plane, you can carry your electronic cigarette in your handbag, but vaping is obviously forbidden on the plane and in the airport. Make sure to check the guidelines for batteries and liquids for electronic cigarettes, as some restrictions may apply. Don’t forget to consider the option of a pod for electronic cigarettes for a more convenient vaping experience while on the move.

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