How to Vape an X-Bar Puff E-cigarette?

How to Vape an X-Bar Puff?

Have you heard of puff cigarettes? This new type of disposable e-cigarette has recently invaded the tobacco market. It is easy to slip into your pocket or handbag, ergonomic and economical, less harmful to your health than a traditional cigarette, and available in a large selection of tastes and flavours with or without nicotine. Puff e-cigarettes are a vaping solution with several advantages. 

Learn how to vape a puff e-cigarette with X-Bar.

What is a Puff Cigarette?

Imported to France from the United States in 2021, the “puff” is a disposable electronic cigarette that can be a good solution for quitting smoking. It combines all of the advantages of conventional electronic cigarettes without the downsides. Very easy to use, they are disposable and require no upkeep or preparation. They are also less harmful to your health than traditional cigarettes. The e-liquid is made from vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavourings. The vapour is free of chemical substances like tar or carbon monoxide, unlike the smoke from traditional cigarettes. However, it is important to remain vigilant to avoid e-cigarette leakage, a rare but possible issue. This awareness is essential in the context of e-cigarette use.

How to Vape with a Puff Cigarette?

Smoking and Vaping: What’s the Difference?

If you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes and are new to puffs, your first try may surprise you. When you smoke a traditional cigarette, you are breathing in smoke. With vaping, you’re actually breathing in vapour, which provides a different sensation and requires a different technique. With a puff e-cigarette, say goodbye to the downsides of traditional cigarettes: foul odours, forgetting your lighter, a hefty budget, or searching for a bin for the cigarette end. Puffs make your life easier! Moreover, for those looking to start, it is crucial to know how to choose the right electronic cigarette puff for an optimal vaping experience.

How Do I Take a Puff from an E-Cigarette?

While you may need to press a button for a period of time to vape a conventional electronic cigarette, most puff cigarettes are automatic. In order to take a puff from a puff cigarette, place the “drip tip” end piece in your mouth, inhale, and enjoy your puff! It is also essential to know the best practices for carrying your electronic cigarette, especially for rechargeable models, to ensure their longevity and performance.

How Long to Draw on a Puff Cigarette?

In order to enjoy your puff cigarette, we recommend taking 3 to 5-second puffs. Beyond that, you risk making the device run out sooner and damaging the heating element – the part of the e-cigarette which heats the e-liquid and transforms it into vapour.

How to Use a Puff Cigarette?

1 – Charge the Battery of your Electronic Cigarette

At X-BAR, we offer two types of puffs: the Click & Puff Pod and the Click & Puff Kit. The first is a disposable electronic cigarette that does not need to be refilled: once you can no longer take a puff from it, it’s empty. The puff kit, on the other hand, responds to today’s environmental concerns and offers a longer product lifespan. Simply plug your puff e-cigarette into a USB port when the battery is empty. Once the indicator light turns off, your e-cigarette is charged!

2 – Refill your Puff Cigarette with E-liquid

To take a puff from your device, it must contain enough e-liquid, which is made from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The blinking light on the puff e-cigarette is an indicator that alerts you to the liquid fill level. The Click & Puff pods are pre-filled with e-liquid or simply replace the puff when there is none left. If you choose the kit solution, you will need to insert a pre-filled e-liquid refill into your puff e-cigarette.

You can choose from a variety of different flavours, from classic to fresh, sweet, or inventive! You can also choose from e-liquids containing three different levels of nicotine : 0mg/ml, 10mg/ml, and 20mg/ml.

Our electronic puff cigarettes contain a liquid reservoir, also called an atomiser, which varies by range.

You can choose from an atomiser containing:

3 – Vape and Enjoy your E-cigarette

Once the battery is charged and the e-liquid reservoir is filled, all you need to do is enjoy your electronic puff cigarette!

On average, you can enjoy:

Want to quit smoking, but hesitating between our different ranges of vapes? To benefit from advice on choosing your puff e-cigarette, don’t hesitate to contact X-BAR, the e-cigarette expert! 


How Do You Use a Puff Cigarette?

Using a puff cigarette is very simple. If you have a disposable electronic cigarette, simply vape and replace the e-cigarette once it is empty. If you have a refillable puff, just refill your e-cigarette with e-liquid once it is empty and recharge the battery by plugging it into a USB port.

How Do You Make Vapour with a Puff Cigarette?

X-Bar disposable electronic cigarettes have a high resistance of 1.7 Ohms, which allows you to make a decent cloud of vapour. If you want to make a lot of vapour, you need to draw the vapour directly into your lungs using a technique called direct inhalation. Finally, did you know that dry weather reduces the amount of vapour? In fact, vapour absorbs environmental humidity!

   Sale prohibited to minors. Product that may contain nicotine, an addictive substance. Use by non-smokers not recommended.